Magic of Motown Review: I Can’t Help Myself

Ain’t No Motown High Enough

I came straight home from Faberdeen and started writing this Magic of Motown review. Usually, I come home from the theatre semi-drunk and full of high-pitched vocal chaos. And bed calls me. But not this time. This time I was sober as a fudge. I left His Majesty’s Theatre feeling full of sunshine, good times and boogie.

I’ve always been partial to a fistful of Four Tops, a chain reaction and a touch of Temptation but I wasn’t sure how I’d rate Magic of Motown. Firstly, I saw the show on a Tuesday night and Tuesdays suck. Secondly, I was sober and wasn’t sure how I would cope in a room full of tipsy wifeys who’d scored babysitters. Also, I was with Scott. Scott gave rock’n’roll to you. He signed right out of Motown or anything pre-80’s, a long time ago. I knew before we even arrived that there was no way he’d be swinging those firey hips. And there was no way I was going to be swinging solo.

Magic of Motown

Four guys, 3 gals, a bouncing band and a shed load of glitter. These guys didn’t come to play, they came to slay. The glitter game was beyond me and had me wondering, “Why can’t I wear floor-length gold glitter to meetings?” I can. You can too. But you’ve really got to take inspo from the Magic of Motown cast.

I used to be a dancer, now I just carelessly cavort around Scott when he’s trying to hoover. But the dancer in me still looks for the dancer in thee. And there is something perfect about four men with four mics just being massive dancing queens. I nearly peed with excitement during Jersey Boys so when this happened at Magic of Motown, I was living my best life.

Magic of Motown spouts classics from Diana Ross, The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops, and Lionel Richie, amongst others. Expect glitter, punchy vocals, humour, and classic choreography. The show is currently touring all over the UK, so if you haven’t yet felt the magic, you best get booking here.





The Chief.