Malmaison Aberdeen Hotel Review

Malmaison Aberdeen Review

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Malmaison Aberdeen


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Malmaison Aberdeen


Malmaison isn’t just a hotel, it’s a way of life

If I wasn’t already feeling festive, Malmaison would of done it for me. I love the brand, I love the hotel, I love the food, I love the cocktails. Really, I really love the cocktails… Thankfully, during our recent stay in Malmaison, something extremely rare happened. We didn’t have to go OUT! A rarity if ever there was one. In fact, our Sunday stopover and Aberdeen stay-cation required nothing but relaxing at its best and a fine face for dinner reservations in the one and only Malmaison Brasserie.

Arriving in Aberdeens West End, in the convenient car park behind the hotel after a really easy journey saw our evening get off to a chilled out, relaxing start. Exactly what the doctor ordered. To add simple to our chill, the receptionist directed us to room 123. We have stayed in a few different rooms in Aberdeens Malmaison and each one doesn’t fail to impress.

A Prior Engagement

Scott and I got engaged in the Malmaison in Edinburgh last year over a very romantic meal, with some equally as welcomed champagne. The evening afterwards, we travelled back up to Aberdeen where I expected us to be going home. Instead, Scott had booked us a room in the Aberdeen Malmaison where we unexpectedly were upgraded to the Malt Whisky Society Suite. That room was spacious with a bed the size of a small aircraft, a beautiful roll-top bath and a separate living area. I thought that room was the pinnacle of Malmaison luxury. However it turns out that regardless of which room we stay in, in any of the hotels, they all have their own perks and quirks.

Room 123

Opening the door to the room, we weren’t sure what to expect. The deep colours and splashes of ‘Scottish boutique’ in the hotel provide a luxurious feel. Although the décor is stunning and consistent throughout the hotel, each room has differences in design and Room 123 was an absolute treat. We knew they were good but we were not expecting what came next. We didn’t just have a beautiful, room but we also had… *drum roll* a… balcony!

The thick, silvery curtains pulled back to reveal French doors which lead onto a shared balcony. With two rooms sharing one large balcony, it isn’t going to get crowded in a hurry. I couldn’t help but think this would be a perfect way to share a special occasion with friends or family. For us, It might have been the North East in November but could I have felt more warm inside as I sat and enjoyed a hot drink with my man on our balcony.

Tartan it up

Once we had somewhat gotten over the balcony (we never really got over the balcony), we started exploring the room. In the huge bedroom, there was a comfortable big bed with the obligatory, tartan touches. Beside the bed was a light up wardrobe including a drinks fridge, hot drinks tray, a kettle, ironing board and hair-dryer. All of the standard bits and bobs but tucked away tidily.

At the bottom of the bed there was a telly on the wall which was playing BLUE PLANET (winning) and a desk with a phone for annoying the reception, which we never actually did (this time).

It’s just a little Lush

The bathroom was spacious and stylish with a separate bath and shower. Before heading down for our dinner reservation, we both took baths using only the finest bath-bombs from Lush, a bright pink and yellow ‘Never mind the Ballistics’ bomb and the silky smooth, super-smelling ‘Butterbear’ bomb.

Had we not brought our lovely Lush goodies with us, we wouldn’t have been stuck for smellies, with Malmaison providing an excellent range of free toiletries. After enjoying a relaxing bath, I relaxed on the velvet chair by the desk, eyeing up a bottle of Mal wine. Tempting as it was to crack it open while I did some face artistry (make-up), I held off in anticipation of the evenings cocktails.

The Food at Malmaison Aberdeen Brasserie

As we were visiting the hotel as part of their Sunday Stopover offer, we were provided with £75 to spend in the hotels restaurant. With it being so cold outside, the warming Autumn A La Carte menu looked incredibly tempting and it wasn’t long before we got stuck in. Eating out is one of the best parts of staying away from home and we definitely eat well. Whilst we browsed the menu, I had a wonderfully creamy pina colada whilst Scott had… a pint.

Before the starters arrived, we ordered olives and fougasse with aioli dip.

Scott eat 75% of this before we ordered our first course. For starters, Scott had a seared rump of beef carpaccio with lightly pickled heritage beetroot served with celeriac purée, sautéed potatoes, pickled mushrooms and black truffle dressing. Scott loves unusual food that most people would not eat on a regular basis.

He scoffed the lot whilst I enjoyed my tempura of calamari and tiger prawns with chilli jam and crème fraîche. My starter was gorgeous but admittedly, Scott did also eat half of mine as I didn’t want to become too full before the main event arrived.

For our main course, I ordered steak frites which was a marinated full face rump, served pink. It came with confit tomato, watercress & thin fries. The steak was huge and full of flavour.

Malmaison Steak

Scott had mushroom and black truffle macaroni with gruyère and parmesan, cheese sauce and brioche herb crumb. He also had triple-cooked chunky chips.

Pudding it out there

After enjoying dinner in the warm, tastefully decorated brasserie, we retired back to our elegant room. It seemed a shame to stay away for too long when we had such a lovely room. So we ordered dessert to our room so we could wrap up and enjoy it on our balcony.

There is something amazing about sitting in the freezing cold, wrapped in 14 layers whilst enjoying sticky toffee pudding with pecan caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Scott who had eaten all of his food and a fair amount of mine had a frothy latte whilst telling me he wanted to sell the house and move into Mal. That might be a little extreme however if the interior designer happens to be reading this, I would be pleased to provide my address.

A Romantic Evening

Overall, if you are looking for a luxurious getaway at a fantastic price then check out Malmaison in Aberdeen. They quite often have package deals which are great bang for your buck. Should you be feeling festive, the hotel also has plenty on through the festive period. Check out the Christmas brochure here. Alternatively, have a nosy at the website for current offers and deals – or book directly by email.




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