The Aye Life is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring passionate, funny and evocative content. Our site is full of entertaining, relatable and keyword-rich content. We are often credited with being unique, funny and accessible.


We have an ever-growing social media following of nearly 100,000 and we reach between 500,000 and 1.2 million every month. We can be found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.


We are open to all kinds of wild and fun travel and lifestyle campaigns. We can do everything from social media promo to blogs and giveaways (see our Make It Scottish case study) . If you aren't sure on how to work with us, but want to get your brand/story out there, just ask us, we don't bite, often.


Victoria and Scott compliment their Aye Life work with web design and marketing for businesses. Scott is a website developer and website host and Victoria works on social media marketing, management, SEO training and content.


Web Design & Development

Scott is our web designer and developer at The Aye Life, but his primary role is working with businesses to streamline website integration. He has excelled in this role for over 6 years; developing, designing, maintaining and hosting websites. During this time he has worked with businesses of every spec, including but not limited to; tourism, food & drink, housing associations, TEDx, e-commerce, energy; both primary and service-based, sports, salon services and much much more, there isn’t a project Scott can’t turn his hand to. Scott isn’t “just the web guy,” but a member of your team who will also become part of your journey.


Marketing & Social Media

Victoria is our lead content creator and partnerships manager here at The Aye Life, but like Scott has worked primarily in her digital marketing role for years. She has trained and worked with hundreds of business owners; teaching social media and content-based SEO, creating content, influencer marketing and handling social media accounts to encourage rapid growth. Victoria has the benefit of being on both sides of the coin as she can offer advertising on The Aye Life alongside working with you on your business to ensure growth, reach, engagement and sales directly.