Back to the Music Hall, DeLorean Style

Back to the ’80s

So this is how our day went down. I drank a latte, Victoria sipped a tea. Then we were ushered through the main hall, out an emergency exit, and onto the street where… It was…

“Don’t need no credit card to ride this train”

So I’m a total Back to the Future geek. I remember seeing Back to the Future 3 when I was like 7 and I’m sure I regarded it as the best thing my baby brain had ever seen. It stuck with me. I watched all 3 films for the 1000th time last year and I’m pretty sure I well up (every time) at the end when the DeLorean got eaten by a locomotive, Doc turned up and everyone had a merry ever after.

“If you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

So forgive me if I pounced at the chance to come along to the Music Hall in Aberdeen and hang out with my best friend who I’d never actually met Mr. DMC 12, also known as a mutha effin DeLorean. We stood in Golden Square eagerly watching some people with big cameras take some even bigger photos, waiting for our turn to hop in and die of excitement. I even banged my head of the door when I got out because gullwing doors are the coolest thing ever. I’ll never wash my head again.

All of this childhood happiness attack was in aid of something that’s coming to Aberdeen on the 22nd of April, Back to the Future Film Concert Live. Yep, that’ll be the first film played on a big screen with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra bowing, plucking, blowing and strumming along. And I will be there, annoying Victoria, like the man child I am.

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