My First Time Snorkelling, Playa Chica Beach

The Number One Playa

Er, doesn’t ‘Playa Chica’ massively sound like it should be the name of Pitbull’s next song? There are heaps of playas in Lanzarote, but as they say, “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” 

Playa Chica beach is in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote’s main hotspot. Folk flock to this beach to escape the hustle and bustle of the strip. Some folk even come here to literally strip, I should know, I fell over my feet in shock at the boob-swinging grannies in aisle sando. More power to you Betty. I didn’t strip, not for fear of the nude, but because I was already teetering on the edge of 3rd degree sunburn, because the sun did feast on my broken Scottish body. But on a more positive note…

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter

Well, at least I’ve finally realised that I am in fact a mermaid. Land life is way overrated. It would do a lot of people a lot of favours if I could give up my voice for a mermaid tail y’know. Yo Ursula!

Aye 2.0 “scuba dived in Turkey,” I say “ because for some reason the epic fear took over him when snorkelling at Playa Chica Beach, even though snorkelling is like a billion times easier than scuba diving because you can breathe whenever you like. So, whilst himself sat in the scorcho sando, I was left to my own devices to investigate the tide. And that, my friends, I did. 

Big boobs and buoyant 

I love fish. And I’m obsessed with David Attenborough’s take on fish. I’m obsessed with sea life and I love the sea. And oddly enough, I also love eating fish. But don’t worry, I kept the chomping on the DL (down low) whilst snorkelling. But I absolutely loved it, as I knew I would. Aye 2.0 was concerned that I would “just keep swimming” forever as at one point I was nearly meeting a jet ski. But the freedom of seeing the seabed in the distance underneath me whilst surrounded by thousands of different coloured fish was absolutely magic. 

Amazing Experience 

It is only 4 euros to hire a snorkel and goggles all-day from the shop on Playa Chica beach and it was probably the best 4 euro’s I’d spent on on our whole holiday/potentially ever. There are toilets on beside the beach but they weren’t what I would call immaculate. But that is to be expected with the amount of sandy, dripping folk kicking about. The water is extremely buoyant and the little area in amongst the wealth of volcanic rock seems perfectly safe for both little ones and those who maybe aren’t so comfortable with full blown swimming efforts. Fish can be seen from as little as thigh height but there are more the further out you go.

I followed up my swim with a Chinese massage on the beach and then lunch at the Asian Kitchen. Perfect day all round for me!



The Chief.