No Needle Fix Serum by Nip + Fab Review3 min read

Review of No Needle Fix Serum 


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Nip + Fab is a new brand to me and this serum was my first purchase from the range. Now I am looking for the funds to buy the rest of their products therefore donations are welcome. I am only joking of course although if their other products are anything like this one then I will need some serious funding.

It was a day like every other, although an hour of this day was spent wandering aimlessly round boots. This is the problem with advantage card points. They must be spent once the balance gets to a substantial level, although it is like shopping for free and everybody likes to save some money. I have seen Nip + Fab advertised in various different sources and was drawn to the brand due it’s simple yet eye catching design. There have been lots of positive reviews on the brand also but I don’t really read reviews, I just write them based on my experience.

No Needle Fix Serum by Nip + Fab Review

Why did I buy the No Needle Fix Serum?

Honestly, I needed somewhere to start and the serum was on offer in Boots. As I have mentioned in some of my other articles, my face isn’t covered in wrinkles. It is just like a top that could do with an iron but is still wearable. Now I feel like I must buy this serum for the rest of my wrinkle increasing life as I could reach 60 and look baby faced.


The Best Bits

  • I look forward to putting it on, it is an absolute highlight of my day now.
  • The Serum should be applied in the morning and at bedtime after cleansing and before your moisturiser. I have been using it for 3 days and I have already noticed a difference.
  • Unfortunately, I have oily/combination and crater like pores, lucky me! This serum has actually helped to minimise how my pores look. I thought that this phrase was only used for marketing purposes but it actually does what it says on the tin!
  • After applying, my face feels refreshed and slightly ‘firmer’ should I say. Sometimes when I use a serum, my face feels like it has been blown back by the wind. No Needle Fix Serum didn’t make my face feel like this but instead just made it feel a little tighter.
  • It pairs excellently with my moisturiser. I use Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel by Clinique and I feel like the two are a match made in heaven. If you ever get a chance to try both of these products together, do it! Your face feels lovely and soft in the morning.

No Needle Fix Serum

Overall, No Needle Fix Serum is a serious bargain. Serums that promise miracles often come with a painful price tag. This one doesn’t contain lots of nasty ingredients, does exactly what it promises and has a cheap price tag.

If you are looking for a great Serum that does work and doesn’t make your bank balance cry. The no needle fix serum is on Amazon Prime if you want it on your face tomorrow. Also – it is currently half price over at boots



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