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Alongside living The Aye Life, I also co-own a marketing agency. All work and no work makes me work more than necessary. As part of the territory, I manage and grow heaps of social media accounts for shexy businesses all over the shop. Which means I see a huge variety of content everyday. From fish to beauty to fashion to tourism. I love it and it tests me.

Upon my usual social prowling with one of my quirky clients (you should know who you are), I found Not For Ponies’ twitter page. Intrigued by their quirky eclectic flair, I soon found myself stalking their website, as one does at midnight when they tell their other half that they are “reading the news”. I’m shopping dear, shopping… I love independent fashion brands and small businesses. As a country, we should champion them more than we do.

Not For Ponies

I think if fashionable squirrels wore clothes, they’d wear Not For Ponies. Purely because literally everything from NFP is massively cute. I, however, am not massively cute (don’t worry, I’m happy with this). But Scott can be cute x 10. So of course we (I) decked him out in a NFP Christmas jumper. Because all that adorable-ness. And not to be completely left in the lark, I soon found myself with a material clad Owl notebook in hand because again, too cute. Twit twoo.

Quality Street

But not as you know it. Not For Ponies started life as a small bohemian market stall. They would travel to festivals and art fairs across the UK. Their pieces are statement, yet affordable and are fantastic quality. Which helps, considering my notebook will be joining handbag-gate in 2019 and that’s a dangerous place for many items. 

Not For Ponies sell menswear, womenswear, homeware, kids clothes and accessories. Each piece is colourful, tasteful, animated and quirky. A little bit like this blog. 

Not For Ponies comes under our #AyeScotTalent as one to watch in 2019. To go site stalking, click here.



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