Off Grid Dreaming: We’ve Sold Our House!

Things have moved well fast eh? Like, one minute we’re saying “one day” and the next minute we’re saying “next week.” That is one mega scary transition, I’ll tell you that for free.

Our house was on the market for about 8 days. We ended up selling it to the first person who viewed it, so we could have sold it within 2 days if we wanted to (and saved ourselves a whole load of cleaning). There were 9 viewings in those 8 days, the most folk we have seen since March 2020.

We had a lovely wee piece about our house and our story published in The Press and Journal, thanks to a lovely lady we know, Ellie House, who has the best name in the business for home journalism. Thanks, Ellie! Not only did that piece get our property out there, but what a lovely keepsake it will be.

Aberdein Considine

We’ve got to hand it to Aberdein Considine, they have been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Things have moved so quickly, but the whole process has been so organised. I am a stickler for organisation, almost anal about it apparently and their communication has been second to none. A special thanks to our friend Grant Martin, who did our interview, house tour and all of the social media for our house. Also, big thanks to Laura Douglas, our estate agent, and Blair and Louise, all of whom have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Packing Up, Moving On

I’m not gonna lie, I will be an emotional wreck leaving this house behind. This is the first house I have ever loved. She was my dream home since I was a wee lass. She “was” my dream home. That dream came true. You’re never supposed to stop dreaming, huh? We bought her before The Aye Life and before we created this crazy lifestyle for ourselves.For a couple of years now, we have had new dreams. Dreams of travelling, dreams of working from wherever we want, dreams of stepping off the grid.  We want to live a more minimalist life, made up of moments and memories we will cherish forever. We’ve done the big house and the flash cars but they weren’t us. It’s time to opt for a more fancy-free life. It’s time to fulfil my dreams of swimming in every loch (aye, within reason) across Scotland and it’s time to finally explore the West Coast. Perhaps it’s even time to go even further afield. Who knows? But by god, I’m ready.



The Chief.