Old School Beauly: Autumnal Highland Style

Old School Beauly Beauty

I am totally not one for wish lists but I just had to put something together about my new favourite shop in the Highlands. Old School Beauly is a darling boutique in Beauly, around 25 minutes drive from Inverness. There are a few reasons for this post. One, because Scott bought me a years supply of cotton pads last Christmas and he needs help. Two, because they have a website and I’m pretty sure that not enough people know about it. Three, because I intend on working through this list and buying myself all that Beauly beauty.

And I have already started… During a recent trip to the Highlands, I treated myself to a few bits’n’bobs from Old School Beauly. A 52 list journal, because I have a sick fancy for lists and my favourite body scrub by Arran Sense of Scotland. I also bought myself a unique, Scandinavian-style mug by Broste Copenhagen. Because what’s the tea? And Scott… Scott bought a map. But not just any old map. This map has what can only be described as ‘wee scratchy bits’ to mark where you’ve been. Considering we both have a sensational sense of wanderlust, this was a good move by Mr Ross.

1. Highland Candles

From £7.50, Highland Velvet

Luxury candles are everywhere these days and I haven’t a single complaint. This is the perfect time of year for candles. You just can’t beat getting cosy under a wooly throw and lighting the place up like a small church. Our house is absolutely stinking of wonderful at the moment.

The lovely people at Old School Beauly have, to my delight, joined the candle cause. They have created their own unique line, inspired by Highland locality and I’m feeling it. We picked up the ‘Glen Affric’ candle inspired by ancient pines and using the super-luxurious, black oud. I have it lit up whilst I write this and those smells aren’t playing.

There are a number of cute candles in this range, such as Cromarty, Black Isle, Highland Velvet and Northern Lights. All of which I need, want and must have.

2. Nordic Sea by Broste Copenhagen

From £4.50, Nordic Sea Crockery

Old School Beauly boasts a truly beautiful Highland-come-Scandinavian interiors section. There is everything from plush, tartan cushions, to cosy throws and spectacular stoneware crockery. I picked up a Broste Copenhagen mug from the Nordic Sea collection during our visit and now I want the whole collection.

Each piece is unique, eye-catching and uncompromising on quality. So if you decide to read this Scott, heavy emphasis on Nordic Sea…

3. Foldaway Overnight Bag by Cath Kidson

£45, Cath Kidson Bag

This is definitely one for the seasoned traveller. This gorgeous monochrome, London-inspired bag is the perfect travel companion. It folds away, into it’s own pocket. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. At £45, I need one for all my excursions.

4. Flattering, Decorative Cardigan by Jannika

£139.95, Autumnal Cardigan

I’m such an Autumn girl and absolutely love this time of year. Crunchy leaves, Cool sunshine, ankle boots and cosy capes and cardigans. As soon as August came to an end, I had already looked out an array of ponchos, cardigans and Autumn glam. But then I found this game-changer and frankly, I just don’t know how long I can wait before this is mine.

With a loose waist belt for a flattering fit and decorative sleeves, this is the perfect outdoor dressing gown. Pair this with skinny jeans or leggings and a pair of knee-high flat boots for the perfect Autumnal look. So pretty.

5. Highland Cow Mug by Highland Stoneware

£37, Highland Cow

If you love the Highlands as much as I do, you will absolutely love this piece. Hand-crafted and hand-painted in the Scottish Highlands, this mug features the famous Highland Cow and is the perfect Autumn hot choccy accessory. Nights in by the fire with this in my hand? Yes please.

6. Edinburgh Street Map Scarf

£27.50, Edinburgh Scarf

This scarf is literally everything that is right in the world. I absolutely love this idea! Old School Beauly have a number of ‘Street Map’ scarves and I was completely torn between the NYC and Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Map scarf is completely unique and is just perfect for the Scottish fashion enthusiast. I need to get myself one for our many Scottish events.

In fact, chances are the next time you see me – I will be sporting the whole lot. We are huge fans of Old School Beauly and cannot wait to see their Christmas collection! Stay tuned for more #BeaulyBeauty



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