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When it’s time for me time

You know when you don’t realise you need something until it happens and then you’re like “phew, I needed that?” Well yeah, that’s me. Our recent trip to Edinburgh has done me wonders. I have come home feeling pumped, motivated and really frickin’ zen. And I have lots of people to thank for that. But our trip wasn’t all glitz and glamour. We did catch up with a few local businesses. There was one in particular that really touched, pulled and pushed at ye olde heartstrings. Because some people were born to make a change in the world. And the lass I’m about to talk about is doing just that. Introducing lovely Laura, at The Secret Beauty Garden.

It all starts with a simple Hello

I got talking to Laura on LinkedIn and could tell from how she spoke that she not only had big plans but that she was enthusiastic about making a change in the world. I have recently shared some pretty personal stuff about my past and with the type of work Laura does, she sounded like my kind of gal. So whilst we were down in bonnie Edinburgh, we made a point of popping past The Secret Beauty Garden to grill Laura on her plans.

The Secret Beauty Garden is first and foremost a zen salon, promoting wellness and mindfulness. The faint glow of the Himalayan salt lamp in reception combined with the faux leaves draped across the ceiling cemented that. Treatments at the salon are reasonably priced and during our trip, I was treated to a massage by lovely Lorraine. I don’t if her hands are bewitched, but my back has thanked me ever since. And yes, I was carrying a trolley load of tension which I think has been building since, I don’t know, birth? 

The Secret Beauty Garden

You see, Laura has plans beyond simply a salon. There are a number of flavours to Laura’s fro-yo, but first and foremost, she wants to help people who deserve treatments. Perhaps those who suffer from mental health conditions, or those who are not as affluent in society. But that’s only one of her flavours. She also wants to look at training and employing people who perhaps wouldn’t have been able to build a career in this field otherwise, due to a lack of finance or opportunity. She is very focused on mental health and wants The Secret Beauty Garden to be a place that people can come to relax. If you meet Laura, you will see that she is exactly the type of person to be doing this. Kind, gentle, funny and most importantly, welcoming, I couldn’t think of a person more suited to this role.

The Secret Beauty Garden is undergoing change at the moment and will soon be a fully fledged social enterprise, a step which could be the making of this dainty, ambient little Edinburgh salon. We will be keeping you up-to-date with Laura’s plans and in the meantime, we wish her and her lovely team the best of luck with their endeavours. One to watch.



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