Our Travel Aye-ventures of 2021: Looking Forward

This post is part of a collaboration with Hotels.com to share some of the places we can’t wait to visit in 2021. All opinions are my own.

The Aye Life revolves around tourism. And although we haven’t been on our usual aye-ventures, we’ve still had a pretty decent year, all things considered. We have visited John O’Groats, Laggan, Glenfinnan, Mallaig, Deeside, Skye and Inverness. We’ve done heaps of wild swimming, in various lochs up and down the country, which has been life-affirming. And we’ve even been to Edinburgh, with glorious stays at both The Balmoral Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria. We’re very grateful. But we want to head further afield in 2021 when we can safely travel of course. We’ve got some big hitters on our list, this is The Aye Life after all.


We just can’t get enough of the capital. It has everything you need; great architecture, smashing food and lots of things to do. One of our favourites, The Balmoral Hotel, is dog-friendly too, so we can’t wait to go back and bring Callie, or Corrie, or Callie and Corrie. Who knows? It’s doggo galore at Aye H.Q. just now.

New York City

Okay, okay. I know I’m hedging my bets here but at the start of 2020, I said I wanted to spend Christmas in New York. I had a savings system all set up. It was going to be a big glorious Christmassy trip to New York with lots of tourism, food, booze and a Gossip Girl tour. Well, that never happened. And who knows if it will happen in 2021 either, but I’m going to stay positive in the hope that you might see a cheery me, in NYC.

The Outer Hebrides

Aye, so this one is waaaay more do-able than New York but one can dream eh? We were over on the Isle of Harris last year but there’s no way we made the most of it like we coulda woulda shoulda. Firstly, the beaches there are some of the best in the world (I’m sticking with that) and the waters are crystal clear. We love wild swimming but never swam when staying on Harris. So I want to go back to Harris and snorkel off Luskentyre Beach. I’d like to bring the doggos too so Corrie can experience his first ferry. The wee lad is gonna be one heavy traveller!

The West Coast of Scotland

We are pretty well versed on the East Coast by now and we definitely know the Highlands, but we have barely explored the West Coast. Yet, it sings to me in a raspy, dulcet tone, begging me to come and explore. It’s also renowned for bonnie beaches, another huge selling point for two very keen sea swimmers. Scottish seafood and salty swims, come my way.


All this time doing Scottish aye-ventures and we still haven’t been to Orkney! It’s a sin really. I’d love to go to Orkney for the wildlife alone. I follow quite a few wildlife photographers on both Orkney and Shetland who inspire me to go out with a set of binoculars (I don’t own binoculars). I’d also love to go swimming up there too. Spot a theme with the water-ventures? Basically, I want to be a mermaid. Life is better when you’re a mermaid.

Be Inspired, Stay Safe

This year has been tough. We might have had quite a few adventures when Scotland was somewhat open, but we too have been affected in numerous ways by the pandemic. It feels toughest over the winter when it’s cold and rainy and we can’t go anywhere. But just cause you can’t hit the road just now, it doesn’t mean you never will again. Adventures will wait for you. Now is about looking after yourself and looking forward. Take inspiration where you can find it and plan for the future. In the meantime, check out Hotels.com (and our Instagram duh 😉 for lots of travel inspo. Stay safe! XOXO inspo girl.



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