Our Personalised Power Banks: Magic Memories

I Got The Power

When Personalised Power Bank got in touch with us, I slightly jumped for joy. We carry a power bank around with us everywhere we go because it turns out that iPhone batteries are completely crap when used all day/night for work. Aye 2.0 has this massive, hefty and boring brick of a thing that, in all fairness, has been charging our phones all over Scotland since this blog was born. But it is heavy. And it ain’t pretty.

To be clear, I am grateful for this power bank. And even though Marie Kondo tells us to remove things in our lives that don’t spark joy, this (until now) has been a complete necessity. A bit like the kitchen sink or dirty dishes or washing – imagine we chucked out all that stuff because it doesn’t spark joy anymore? Heaps of arguments have arisen from that dam power bank because Aye 2.0 is always convinced that it isn’t in his bag. Even though I always find everything he “can’t find” in his bag. This usually always happens when I have 0.5% battery. Feel me?

Power Hour

Personalised Power Bank offers personalised, light-weight and totally pretty power banks which (no offence Aye 2.0), pee all over our former bank. I know you’re probably thinking, “who thinks about power banks in this much depth?” But see when you are up a hill and you need to post on Social Media for a client who will otherwise shoot and bury you in a carrot field, power banks become as important as the phones themselves. And we were recently gifted some new ones and I’m obsessed. Mostly because we picked photos which do like Marie Kondo preaches, “spark joy.”

Wild Swimming

My new power bank, as you can see, is me wild swimming in a Scottish River. Because that is my happy place. The photo was taken at Glen Dye Estate in Deeside following our recent glamping trip to their old renovated sawmill. Ironically, this is also the resting place of my previous iPhone which Aye 2.0 accidentally dropped in the river. The water was so peaty that it couldn’t be rescued. You would think memories like this would be tarnished but this is a prime example of taking the good from a situation.

Loch Ness

Aye 2.0 picked a fabulous memory of him relaxing in a free-standing bathtub in the beautiful Foyers Lodge, on the banks of Loch Ness. Because that place is a 10/10. Both of our photo choices reflect our “happy places.” I feel completely free when I’m wild swimming. And himself feels NO stress when he gets to chill out in a bubbly bath. If even a little bit of that happiness can creep into our days through power bank reminders, I am completely okay with this.

Greater Gifts

I would absolutely love it if someone gifted me one of these gadgets. Not only cause I use my phone so much but because it’s very personal. My power bank looks lovely in my wee handbag. And for clarity, my handbag is not wee. I’m just Scottish and thus call everything wee. Me and the man were gifted an 8000mAh Powerbank Plus each. They have two USB ports so they can charge two devices at once. But Personalised Power Bank offers a range of power banks, it’s just picking the one that is right for you. Or your loved one. We use our banks for charging our phones but they can also be used to charge iPads.

We love our new power banks! If you’d like to grab one at 20% off, pop AYELIFE20 in at checkout. You can find their website here.

(We were gifted these power banks, but all opinions are our own and funny at times).



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