Photowall: Herbage and Scottish Vibes

Landscape Lover

Have you ever struggled to write about wallpaper because The Jungle Book is on in the background? And you’re just living for King Louis and his gang of merry mad monkeys? No? Just me? Disney Plus is going to have me out of a job dammit. It’s already been hard enough to get this Photowall review done because all the bits I’ve needed to get the decor finished have been impossible to attain due to the whole great lockdown of 2020 thing.

So although I’ve had all the time in the world, I’ve had zero paint, zero plasterboard and zero basically anything I’ve needed to get the job done. And it’s a big job. It’s a renovation which I know I’m going to appreciate once it’s done. But it’s a renovation nonetheless. And renovations are chaotic huh?!

I’ve relied on online shopping to get me out of my reno-rut, but then, of course, there have been huge delays with deliveries. And we live in Scotland which may as well be on Mars when it comes to shipping. Thankfully Photowall got the delivery done quick. But all the stuff I needed so I could put the wallpaper and pretty frames up, took forever.

From the Window to the Wall

It was worth the wait. We have only applied the Photowall wallpaper to one-bedroom so far (still another room to go) but I am delighted with the results so far! We took inspiration for this project from one of our friends, Eilidh, who runs Riverview Guesthouse in Inverness. She is one of the most creative folks I know. Proper crafty y’know? She gave us a wee tour around her Highland B&B and I was low-key obsessed with her bedroom decor. Instead of doing a full feature wall, she did a patch of wallpaper. Then surrounded it with wooden beading. It looked luxe, but it still kept the rest of the room looking fresh. So I stole it. I be a thief.

Photowall Application

Photowall wallpaper is really high quality. The paper is super smooth. We haven’t yet finished this room (will it ever be done?) but I am just loving the results so far. The wallpaper is applied in strips. And Aye 2.0 did a really good job of it considering he ain’t no D-AYE-Y experto.My sea glass vase takes pride of place on my bedside table, alongside a piece of slate I found washed up in the harbour. Your crap is my treasure. I also picked up a couple of bits from The French Bedroom Co including a gorgeous chunky navy throw. This bedroom is a work in progress though. I am on the hunt for a brass bedframe. Although the wallpaper mural looks so nice on its own that I am tempted to go sans-headboard. Wild eh?

Elgol, Isle of Skye

Photowall frame and printI also ordered two beautiful Scottish framed prints from Photowall Sweden. One of the prints is a photo of my favourite places in Scotland; Elgol beach on the Isle of Skye. It’s moody, gloomy, and has gorgeous views of the Black Cuillins. I am just a wee bitty obsessed with it. The other frame is a fab Highland coo. But I have more wee blogs to write showcasing both the coo frame and a whole other bedroom (send help). Lockdown deliveries pending.

Photowall Sweden

Decorating is such a great thing to do during the lockdown. It’s distracting and keeps mental health stresses at bay. I also love that we went with such outdoorsy vibes because I am missing travelling in Scotland. This new bedroom is fast becoming my wee Scottish haven. Stay tuned for bedroom decor 2.0. I am a woman, on a mission.

If you’re thinking about doing some redecorating during this strange time, I highly recommend it. Chances are I will never get this much free time ever again. So I am milking it for all it’s worth. Photowall Sweden has been kind enough to provide me with a 25% off discount code for you lot, so if you’re fancying a few bits for a new project, enter “theayelife2021” at the checkout.

There’s no place like home.


**Photowall products were all gifted – lucky duck eh? All opinions mine**



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