Pre-Panto Dinner at 1906 Restaurant, Aberdeen

Being a Mince Spy

I swear these puns are getting worser and worser the more the year goes on. Thank goodness it’s December, I’m pretty sure you lot can’t take anymore! #NewYearNewPuns. I frickin’ LOVE December though. Why, you ask? Because DUH! It’s Panto season! And I am obsessed with panto. Like for real, if I wasn’t a chatty blogger and a Class A snogger, and I had big cahonas, I’d be a panto dame. And jeeeeeeez I’d be so good at it too. Not to blow my own falsely applied drag boob horn or anything. But let me take you back to where it all began…

With Supper, Of Course

Every year since Aye 2.0 and I met, we go on a panto date night and it’s basically my favourite time to be alive. We pop along to 1906 Restaurant in His Majesty’s Theatre and have an absolute belter of a Christmas dinner, before rolling into the panto absolutely stinking of gratitude and turkey. It’s the best feeling ever. He quietly eats up whilst I just constantly rabbit on about how happy I am.

This year, like last, we have been lucky enough to be invited along for dinner and panto, which honestly, is like my biggest achievement to date, next to that one time that Boycie of Only Fools and Horses said I was funny – never getting over that by the way. Ever. Maaaaaaaarleeeeene. But yeah, all the glitz and glamour of The Aye Life doesn’t compare to panto date night at HMT.

Cinderelly Cinderelly

This years menu was Cinderella-inspired. They even took inspo from Louie Spence’s panto character for the cheesy garlic bread starter. Which of course I had. Cheesy garlic bread is life, whilst himself enjoyed a hearty bowl of tomato soup.

For main, I had my first Christmas dinner of 2019. Moist turkey (sorry, I hate that word too but I’m not exactly going to call it damp), crispy roasters, salty skirlie and a whopper of a gravy. Exactly what the doctor ordered for the Hank Marvin, and far too excitable blogger. Aye 2.0 had cod with spring onion mash and green beans. He hates mash. He liked this mash. He said it was sMASHing. Sorry. Not sorry.

Don’t Leave Me This Way

We have never had a bad meal in 1906, it’s just such a lovely wee restaurant. The atmosphere is always cheery, the food is always on-point and the chocolate brownie on the dessert menu is a 10. If you’re planning panto (which you should and will after reading my Cinderella review), book yourself in for a pre-panto slap-up meal. But who am I kidding? 1906 isn’t just for Christmas, it’s a humdinger.



The Chief.