Preparing for a Luxury Christmas with Prestige Hampers

It’s a Prestige Hamper darling

So guess who spent the weekend in her pyjam-mery, doused in chocolate and dusting breadcrumbs off her top? Ding ding ding. Moi. We actually missed our Prestige Hampers delivery, so I made Scott drive halfway up the village to find the postman. Because it was Friday and was I really waiting till ‘the next working day’ for the weekend delivery of dreams?! Wasahell?! Scott returned with a big box in his arms, asking ‘if we could finish what we were doing (work) before we opened the hamper?’ What a cute wee joker he is. So, whilst you were enjoying your weekend, I was filling my face with finery, whilst blogging. By the fire. With a cocktail. Merry frickin’ October to me. Not sarcasm.

I FRICKIN’ love Autumn. (I use frickin’ in place of swear words for added class)

Why are hampers such good gifts?

Well firstly, they are full of stuff. And if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a big fan of stuff. I (mostly) like stuff better when somebody else chooses it for me. Because it’s personal and I love (pleasant) surprises. Whoever came up with putting good stuff in a box and sending it to someone, is my kinda guy. Prestige Hampers make great gifts because there is a hamper for just about anyone, for any occasion. Although, who really needs an occasion?

Hampers also contain stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. Like right now for instance… I am eating dark chocolate by Beech’s. I’ve never had anything from Beech’s before. But guess what? Now I’m a Beech’s fan. Who would have known? I wish I could say I was enjoying a glass of Shiraz right now but it’s Monday, and more importantly, it’s only 6pm. And someones got a Netflix binge planned. I’m also 26 and completely incapable of drinking more than a glass of wine these days. Boozy soozy, be gone.

Prestige Hampers have a whole range of amazing Christmas Hampers, from as little as £19.99. So if you want to take the hassle out of your Christmas/any occasion that requires effort, Prestige Hampers are kinda the guys you need to go to.

What’s it got in it?

A whole bunch of fabulous. It’s funny because we said we were going to ‘take some nice photos of the hamper’ and save most of the goodies for Christmas… And the jokes just keep coming. In 24 hours we tackled; Christmas Shortbread, a box of Walkers Chocolates, Yorkshire crisps and red velvet butter biscuits. Every moment was intense.

I was in my element, watching Once Upon A Time, nibbling on shortbread shaped like a Christmas tree. What a time to be alive. I love a hamper. Scott once made me a hamper which contained a years supply of cotton pads. No disrespect to Scott, but this hamper was slightly better…

My Prestige Hamper contained:

  • 2 bottles of Water Stop wine (Shiraz and Chardonnay)
  • A box of Walkers chocolates
  • A Beech’s dark chocolate bar
  • Farmhouse Red Velvet Crunch butter biscuits
  • Walkers pure butter shortbread
  • Reids handmade smoked oatcakes
  • Luxury Yorkshire crisps
  • MacKay’s Christmas marmalade with cranberries
  • Mackays Christmas preserve with mulled wine
  • A Matthew Walker classic Christmas pudding
  • An iced fruit cake
  • English Tea Shop tea bags

This Christmas Hamper costs £69.99 (bargain) and can be purchased here




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