Investigating Aberdeen: Rebus – Long Shadows Review

On the Case

We arrived at His Majesty’s Theatre, with 2 minutes to spare, as per usual. Scott was sober, I was under the influence, as per usual. This whole “reviewing cocktails before going to the theatre” thing is starting to catch on. Like… she who used to spend all day in her pyjama-like clothes (pyjamas), has become a socially active human being. All because of this catchy new lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am so not complaining. But this is still a whole new world for me. But one thing is for sure, I was absolutely buzzing to see Rebus – Long Shadows. You see, Rebus was mega-popular with my al’ granny. And I used to watch Rebus with her whilst she slurped up her marmalade on toast. It really was a heart-touching time of my life. That sounds sarcastic. But it’s actually not. My granny is one of a kind. However, in all honesty, I was 14 at the time and Rebus was an old(er) person programme. And I couldn’t quite digest the fact that granny had a fancy for him.

So here I was, at His Majesty’s Theatre, not really any the wiser as to what I was about to see. But I’ll try anything once. And to be totally honest, I reckon I’d probably take a dip in the Rebus tank again.

Inspector Corrie

So John Rebus (the main guy, the clue’s in the question) is played by the guy who played Jim McDonald in Coronation Street. So every person who I told about Rebus, before going to see Rebus was like “Oh that’s that guy from Corrie.” But I don’t now nor have I ever watched Corrie, so again, none the wiser. Charles Lawson is now known to me as the guy from Rebus, not from Corrie. And guess what? He is fantastic. Like I totally get why grannies would have a thing for him.

Rebus is in his retirement, but cannot quite switch off from the only job he’s ever known (tell me about it). Old demons see him tackling unsolved cases, divulging dark secrets and ultimately, finding justice for two young girls who were brutally murdered. And yet, I laughed during 65% of it. Because add sarcastic Scottish humour and a bunch of swear-words onto a gory plot and it pretty much becomes PG.

Moral of the story: far more light-hearted than I thought. Classic cops and villains. Unexpected hilarity and a dark, grippy plotline. Sold. Rebus – Long Shadows is running in Aberdeens HMT until Saturday 27th November and tickets can be purchased here.  



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