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Sugar, Ah Honey Honey

You are my candy girl. And you got me wanting you. Which is exactly what I say everytime I open one of the Retro Sweet advent doors early like the big massive rebel I am. You see, and I have mentioned this recently on Instabam, bloggers get heaps of advent calendars in November. Like… If you love advent calendars, you should totally be a blogger, at least for November. But the only problem with this is (and not to sound ungrateful), nobody loves us in December. We get fat and drunk of advent calendars in November but come December, nada. Sweet F.A. And I know you’re probably thinking “oh Victoria, my heart bleeds for you” and I totally agree, but this is an actual thing. But I’ll be honest, my Christmas comes WAY earlier than all of you guys and I’m not afraid to say it.

True Story

I was mid-nap when my better half woke me up with this box. But being me and a total dinosaur during naps, I told him to leave me in peace and leave the package by my side. FYI, I said this in much stronger language. When I woke up from my nap, I tore open the box (like some sort of savage) and cracked open one of the wee doors of delight. Post-sleep-inertia and growling at passers-by, what I found was beyond appropriate. A refreshers sweetie. So before I vacated yon bed to moan and complain about everything to my partner, I “refreshed” which left me at least 5% more pleasant.

Unfortunately, because I opened the advent in the dark, from the depths of my duvet, I failed to see that it was personalised with ‘The Aye Life” because, why the hell not? Although now I’m probably going to get all sentimental over the box and keep it for 6 months before realising that I hold onto way too much stuff and clearing out to repeat the process next year. FML.

Retro Sweet

Look, I am not knocking chocolate advent calendars (seriously, I’ll eat anything) but they are SO 1960. As humans, we have created numerous epic pieces of technology, yet it has taken us this long to realise that we can actually put other stuff in advent calendars. When I was a kid, you got a chocolate Barbie advent and you just dealt with it. Now, you can pick from absolutely anything. Like, I have seen boozy advent calendars. But aren’t you supposed to have your advent first thing in the morning, before school or work? How can you drink gin first thing in the morning? I mean, you can, I’m not judging, but that kind of throws advent tradition out the window. Says me, the advent jury. Retro Sweet takes the original advent tradition and well, just makes it a wee bit sweeter.

Packed with refreshers, love hearts, bubblegum, Swizzels lollies, fizzers, fruit salads, and parma violets, amongst others. Just yes. I used to love all these wee sweets as a kid (used to, HA, I’ve had like 6 drumsticks today and I’m not sorry). But who doesn’t love “back in the day” sweeties? It doesn’t matter how old you are, if someones passing round the retro sweets, you’ve just got to get involved. And we absolutely love the fact that ours came personalised for The Aye Life. I mean, all the tears. I am so proud of my blog-come-sherbety-sweet shrine.

So, if like me, you were born pre-mascara advent calendars, or if you just want to personalise your sweet tooth, Retro Sweet might just be your thing. P.S. Our dog is a fan. But that part was an accident. Grab yours here for £9.99.



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