REVIV IV Therapy Review at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh

Drip Drip Drip

Call me the Queen of scepticism. I am sceptical about everything. I am that irritating person that asks “is it cooked?” 20 times to ensure I am not going to die of horrendous food-poisoning. Maybe it’s my anxiety, or maybe I just don’t trust the world. But that’s not a bad thing. I think it’s good to be sceptical. Nobody can rip you off that way. Some people call it “putting up walls.” I call it self-preservation. Like, I still find it mind-blowing that somebody put glass around some wires and created lights. I mean, what kind of crazy world is this? Humans are insane. We used to be apes (or so some believe). So, you can imagine my intrigue when Scott and I were invited along for a REVIV IV Therapy.

IV therapy (intravenous therapy) claims to do a million different things from curing hangovers, preventing colds and aiding injuries to, helping you sleep, weight loss, and improving overall well-being. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’d like to sign up for all of the above. With a big stinking cherry on the frickin’ top. But is IV Therapy a fad? Does it work? And if so, how long does it work for? Does it hurt? Will I need to re-mortgage? Don’t worry my fine little drippers, as I am about to spill the saline.

What even is IV therapy?

I know right?! What is this crazy, new IVention? Basically, you meet with a healthcare professional who talks to you about your life stressors (the poor guy is probably burying himself after dealing with me) and then you decide which therapy you would be interested in. Because all drips are different. Or, maybe not different, but they contain different stuff. And you need to decide on the best stuff for you. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ‘fix my whole life and turn my poop to glitter’ option, but there was the ‘Megaboost.’

The Megaboost is a litre of saline containing essential minerals and vitamins and a high dose of Vitamin C. It claims to:

  • Rehydrate you
  • Give you energy
  • Boost and strengthen your immune system
  • Detoxify your bod’
  • Improve jet lag and/or hangovers (or both, in some cases)
  • Improve wellness

Does it hurt?

Nope, or at least I didn’t think so and I hate needles. You know when you pop along to the nurse and she says “oh aye hen, you’ll just feel a wee scratch,” well, they use a numbing spray, so you don’t even feel a “wee scratch.” I would say, maybe a second of pressure. My veins are usually pointless but thankfully, they behaved. Scotts, on the other hand, were away on their holidays. So he had more of a cannula faf than me. After you’ve had the cannula put in your arm/hand/wing, you are taken to a cosy little treatment room. This is quite a social occasion if you are booked in with a pal. Scott and I sat and gossiped whilst we dripped.

The only real thing I felt whilst “dripping,” was a little bit chilly. This is because the temperature of the saline is lower than the temperature in your body. Which is exactly why REVIV leave cosy blankets in the treatment room. Scott didn’t feel cold, but he was acting like a chuffed chicken. He claimed to have gotten a “high” during the treatment whereas I felt no different. The treatment takes a good 12-14 hours to really kick in.

Does IV Therapy work?

The golden question. Well, we had ours done 2 days ago. So I am going to run you through these last 2 days, and then let you decide…

So we got back to Aberdeen from Edinburgh after a 6-hour journey (Aberdeenshire roadworks fault), the train itself only took like 2 and a half hours!! We got home, and I unpacked straight away, went for a shower and tidied the house. On a Saturday night. I usually don’t unpack until the day before I’ve got to go away again. The next day (a Sunday)… I moved all the furniture around in our house, deep-cleaned, put up artwork, went shopping twice and planned out the next 2 weeks worth of work. I’ve gotten up early every day since my IV therapy, with no drama or nausea (I’m usually terrible at mornings). My anxiety seems to be at an all-time low and productivity levels are soaring. And the best bit? I’m sleeping like I’m dead. Good sleeps = great weeks.

As for Scott, he says he feels no different. But, I’ve noticed a change in him. I mean, it’s Monday and he has already:

  • Done several courses on advertising
  • Listened to (what feels like) 35 podcasts from How Stuff Works
  • Restocked the wood for the stove
  • Taken masking tape down that’s been there since before the house was built
  • Been in a good mood whilst he’s done all of this

How much is this going to cost me?

REVIV IV therapies start at £99. You’re looking at £199 for a MegaBoost IV Therapy. REVIV also do a range of vitamin injections, which start at £29 (which I will definitely be trying). We were really looked after during our appointments. The staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and gentle in their approach.

Now, I’m not sure how long our IV therapy will last for, but if it will carry me through another few weeks (particularly on the sleep side), then I will be having one hell of a November (in a good way). And as for Scott’s good moods? Please REVIV, make them continue. That in itself would be priceless.



The Chief.