Ritz Carlton New Orleans Review

They say in heaven, The Ritz comes first

Heaven is a place on earth and it is known as the opulent Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, Louisiana baby!

‘If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where fashion sits? Puttin on the Ritz” – Fred Astaire

These are a few of my favourite things

Do you want glamour? Do you want grandeur?

Then I am sorry to tell you that the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans is no use because darling, it is so much better than that. I grew up glued to tap talented, dancing darlings, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers and have always had a very prominent place in my heart for classic Hollywood glamour. It is no secret that The Ritz brand is known for lavish luxury and glamour. Therefore, my invite to the Ritz may as well have been hand scribed by Astaire himself.

I have a heart full of honey

For the right kind of honey bee… and I was buzzing. The bell boy met us in the lobby to take our cases from us whilst I attempted to contain the overly enthusiastic spring in my step. As soon as my toes met the marble floor, I felt like Deborah Kerr, swaying, in The King and I. She was also Scottish born, may I add. We took in the exquisite antebellum mansion inspired décor whilst waiting for the gold elevator to take us further back in tasteful time.

A most appreciated welcome

Our bags were dropped off to our room which saved us an uneasy effort particularly as Scotts back is that of a 95 year old. We enjoyed the very appropriate views of the Hotel Monteleone just across from the Ritz Carlton. Our ventures at Tales of the Cocktail commenced from the Monteleone so whether accidental or purposely, we appreciated the photo opportunity.

Whilst we made ourselves familiar, there were 3 knocks at the door. Awaiting us at the door was a lovely little welcoming gift from Annie, my ‘over the water’ Ritz contact. On the tray were some petite and pretty pastries along with some of Bob Peters Roman Punch. We had attended a Cocktail Punch Pop Up with Bob Peters in the Davenport Lounge just the afternoon before so this was extremely appropriate. The Ritz Carlton know exactly what they are doing.

I wonder about the wonderful

This Queen Victoria couldn’t have felt more comfortable in her royal quarters of room 1120. We were provided with a deluxe King room which was absolutely beautiful. Staying in various hotels is part and parcel of this line of work. All of which vary in style and décor. The pre-American Civil War Southern Mansion feels throughout the halls and in to our room were literally, everything. From the heavy satin gold curtains to the plush, gold embroidered headboard and the royal blue satin window chair and foot rest, I was in love. I am still in love, in fact – should the Ritz come calling then I will be waiting with open arms.

Marbled Magic

Marble floors are an elegant touch regardless, however the whole bathroom was coated in white marble with the most stunning of silver touches. Alongside the silver and marble magnificence was a full range of Asprey Purple Water products. Asprey London is a quintessential luxurious British brand, offering a range of lavish accessories and home-ware. Purple Water is the bath and skincare section of Asprey which I am desperate to individually review as it smells gorgeous. It was also a touch of Britain to remind me off home. An accidental advantage.

Alongside the remarkable interior of the bathroom was a much needed bathtub and shower combo. Scott made use of this with his tender back. The separate toilet cubicle included a phone. Should you have required contact with me, you could ring the royal telephone beside the royal throne. It felt almost naughty to royally leak. Had it not been for the 6 hour time difference in the UK, I would of phoned the Queen herself to say hello.

From fun-der to thunder

It would be safe to say that I spent most of my stay in the Ritz in the unbelievably comfortable bed. Whether this was due to my sleepy eyes or excessive run ins with cocktails is another matter. During one of my siestas, Scott woke me up acting like what can only be described as a kid at Christmas. Louisiana had sent down a rather dramatic thunder and lightning storm and to Scott, it made perfect sense to wake up the one person sleeping through it. I couldn’t hold this against him however. It really was bliss to be cosy in bed at The Ritz watching the summery lightning flash and the rapid rain batter the window.

Time is off the essence

The next time we stay in The New Orleans Ritz Carlton we will ensure to enjoy some of the other amenities in the hotel. There is of course a pool and what looks like a superior spa. Along with complimentary jazz every evening in the Davenport Lounge, which we had little time to sample. There was also seafood gumbo served at dinner time most of the evenings we were there. All of this sounds so far up my alley but Tales of the Cocktail was taking up most of our breathing space.

A tremendous terrace and courtyard sits outside wrapped in Ritz splendour. In the courtyard, there is a beautiful bandstand with plenty of tables to sit and enjoy the view. There is also an abundance of romantic ornaments and water features.

Breakfast served in style

Breakfast arrived on time as agreed on the previous nights menu, all organised from the comfort of your room. Tales of the Cocktail threw some very late nights at us. With the previous night spent at a Diageo party with Snoop Dogg and some insanely tasty cocktails, breakfast was very welcome. I had an American Breakfast which tastes very different to a British Fry Up but contains the same ingredients. Sometimes it is easier to stick to what you know. Scott will confirm this following some of my dramatic culinary confusion.

Lost my heart in the Ritz halls, The Ritz halls of Louisiana

Everybody in the hotel was beyond friendly, ensuring us that no request was too much. I swear even the statues and ornaments had a twinkle in their eye. Although that could of been more to do with my Daiquiri consumption. Classy consistency was behind every corner. In all honesty, it is probably not a good idea to stay here for just one day because you will leave behind a little piece of your heart. Should it have been an option to have stayed for a month, I would of taken it. Now I feel it is absolutely necessary to visit all of the Ritz Carlton Hotels so watch this space.

Miss V Claimer

As previously mentioned, we were invited along to experience The Ritz Carlton in New Orleans during our 2 week media trip. This is one of my more accepting of invitations and I would like to thank Annie and all of her excellent staff for not only hosting us but making our experience an incredible one. I don’t think it really needs to be said in this case but as always, my opinions are relevant, interesting and cannot be meddled with.



The Chief.