Russell Kane in Faberdeen: Fast and Curious Tour

Kane You Feel It?

I have had a part-time sick obsession with Russell Kane since he first appeared in all his sarky wild form on ITV’s Love Island. This was quite a few years ago and he was on the panel and I was like “this guy is vaguely inappropriate, slightly attractive and very funny,” in any case, it takes one to know one. Then I forgot about him completely. Not deliberately. But mostly because we’ve never managed to get together for drinks. And I’m okay with that. Sometimes.

Then I got a call from an Aberdonian bird who was like, “Kane you believe who we’ve managed to Russell up?” and I was like, in my forever glaikit but completely loveable way “who?” Sometimes I need things spelled out. “Russell Kane” she said. And I was like, “that’s that bloke who never quite made the cut for Love Island but who’s words are greatly appreciated.” Which we have in common. So here I am, writing a preview which is basically feeding my own agenda for a couple of tickets. Yet I feel in some way he would appreciate the honesty. That’ll be me with the flag of your face next to a bacon roll, Russell. My two favourite things this week.

When You Think You’re Getting Time Off But…

The comedian, social media legend, author and all-round funny words guru is so in demand that he has had to extend his stage banter until the end of the year. Which basically means he’s got feck all days off to spend wearing nothing but fluffy socks. Just me? We appreciate the commitment, Russell.

The boy’s never aff the telly either, with appearances on Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyres Big Show, Comic Relief and Sport Relief, Celebrity Juice and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Now!

The Times called him “stimulating,” so I am hoping for nothing less than complete stimulation. Obv.

Faberdonia You’re Calling Me

And just when you think your year couldn’t get any more glamorous, you’re wanted in Faberdeen. Russell Kane will be bantering through love, family and life, at Aberdeen’s newly refurbished Music Hall on Saturday 19th of October, and I for one, am more excited than a tufty seagull descending on the lukewarm remains of a drunkards kebab.

Russell Kane, powered by energy, comedy spice and all things nice. Get your tix here babes.



The Chief.