Sandwick Bay Candles: Love from the Outer Hebrides

Sandwick Baywatch

Right on time. These arrived right on time. Just when I was away to throw the towel in, move to the sea, walk to Japan. So much busy in my life right now. When this lockdown stuff first kicked in, I thought I was going to get some time off. And I did I guess. For two weeks. When I just floated around not having a clue. Like most other folks. Then everything went back to how it was before, sans travelling and twice as busy. Can’t complain, need a nap. And just as I was making internal promises to myself to take some more “me” time, along came the postman with a belter of a parcel containing a gorgeous Sandwick Bay Candles selection.Sandwick Bay CandlesI’ve been following Sandwick Bay Candles for a good while now. We’ve admired each other from afar. But as has happened with lots of folks, we’ve become closer since the great lockdown of 2020. And it’s actually been really nice. Megan at Sandwick Bay recently headed an incredible fundraiser for Bethesda Hospice in the Outer Hebrides. She aimed to raise £2,000 and passed £70,000. We helped her share the message a little and through this, Megan and I became a wee bit pally.

Scottish Essentials

The Aye Life has taken a turn for the incredibly Scottish over recent weeks. We’ve always been about the Scottish. But since the lockdown, we’ve really ramped things up in an attempt to help support small Scottish businesses. We refuse to shrink. We will not stop doing what we can to help Scottish businesses. This has never been so true as recently, with The Aye Life and The Aye Agency doing the damnedest to point folk in the Aye direction.

Sandwick Bay Candles

Scottish candleThe spotlight this time is on the lovely box of goodies I received from Sandwick Bay Candles, a gorgeous little scent-sational business in the Outer Hebrides. Sandwick Bay make handcrafted, 100% soy candles from their base in the glorious Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. They also do candle subscription boxes filled with fresh and fabulous fragrances. You can just tell Megan pours her heart, alongside wax, into these lovely Scottish candles.Sandwick Bay CandleI’ve been burning the seagrass candle for too long, it has a 20 hour burn time on it which is actually really good for a wee candle, but now I feel like I have to walk around surrounded by this scent permanently or I’ll never experience light again. It is just wonderful. I’ve been popping it on for an hour in the bedroom before bed so I can go off to sleep living my best mermaid seaside life.

Champagne Darling

Scottish candle giftsI received a champagne and berries reed diffuser which, unsurprisingly, is Aye 2.0’s favourite. He loves a glass of bubbly. I popped it on his bedside table (because I’m cute) and we both wake up to the smell of champagne. There really have been worse ways to start the day. Cheers!Black plum candleI’ve still to try the other two candles; black plum and rhubarb and blood orange, because I’m far too busy obsessing over seagrass. It’s definitely my crush of the moment. But I do love rhubarb in a candle, it tends to be my scent of choice for Aye HQ, although I think seagrass may well be the new black. It could not be a better time for both; looking after yourself and supporting a small business. My “me” time is so Scotland-inspired at the moment and although I can’t explore, I’m certainly bringing Scotland to me. What better way to kick off “me” time than with a gorgeous Scottish candle from the Outer Hebrides?!


**Items in this post gifted but all opinions are mine**




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