Bill Kenwright’s Saturday Night Fever Review

Disco Inferno

I remember watching Saturday Night Fever when I was around 14 and thinking I was the rebel of the Highlands. Saturday Night Fever is a funky and wee bit naughty 70’s themed movie. The musical is almost completely different. Other than the occasional “oh lord, I hope grannies earpiece is hanging out” burst of spicy language, this show is basically universal, making it appealing to youngsters.

I am a dancer at heart, having spent a good 10 years of my life partaking in everything from Highland Flings to Disco Splits, with a wee bit of graceful (HA) ballet chucked in for good measure. So almost every time I go to the theatre, I have the inaugural, “I am going to leave this show and become a full-time dancer” thoughts. Before realising that I am in fact, basically decrepit. Whether my gammy foot would even fit in a ballet pump these days is a mystery. As for a tutu? That is the joke of the year. But shows help me live the dream. And when shows like Bill Kenwright’s Saturday Night Fever come to the pass, with all the cheese-infused moves of a hip-swinging bloke clad in 70’s pinstripe, I feel tingles.

I Put On My Boogie Shoes

The soundtrack of this rip-roaring disco delight wouldn’t be out of place in a karaoke bar on a Saturday night, making it the perfect weekend theatre trip, paired with a tankard of Zinfandel and your partially intoxicated friend Sandra. But on a Tuesday night? Maybe I wasn’t ready to relive the weekend yet.

I was feeling the moves, and feeling the tunes, but the story (in comparison to the original movie), wasn’t my cup of herbal. This is to be expected in a universally-appealing remake of a hit movie, but I struggled to sit with this one.

Shiny Disco Balls

What was on my menu were the shiny disco balls, 70’s costumes and side dishes of sex and swinging hip-pery. The dancing was fantastic, the songs were legendary and the acting was solid. So if you’re looking for a weekend-themed night out in Faberdonia, book in to see Saturday Night Fever in Aberdeen nearer to the weekend, and add pre-shots. Also, if that Richard Winsor from Casualty is your cuppa Bovril, then you may feel things. Get your tickets here. 


Our tickets to Saturday Night Fever were gifted but as always opinions are our own.



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