Say Cheese: ION SEI Sonic Toothbrush Review

Because You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

As little Victoria (side note: I was never really that little), thought about where she would be in 20 years time, she imagined dancing on a stage somewhere, head to toe in spandex and glitter. And I guess life is a stage. I do wear spandex (leggings) and glitter (at Christmas) and I do dance (badly now, due to ankle-gate and 6 stone), so instead, I sit on my sofa writing a review on a toothbrush. I know right kids? What happened? Did things go right or did they go wrong? And to be honest, even though I never thought I would say the words, “introducing the brand new ION SEI Toothbrush 5000.” (without the “5000” part), here I am, rock me like a hurricane. For the record, I’ve never been asked to review a toothbrush before so go easy on me.

Introducing the ION SEI Toothbrush


I wasn’t kidding. I can’t stop internally laughing as I write this post. I’m literally living my best life, sitting in my jammies at 2.45pm on a Thursday writing a toothbrush review, with Mamma Mia (a film I despise but won’t change) in the background. My life is the bees. So where do we start? The ION SEI Toothbrush is a mad new toothbrush that does more than just, well, ya know, brush teeth. Wait for it… This toothbrush has a laser in it. Which I voluntarily put in my mouth twice a day (once, twice if I eat onions or am motivated). The laser is purple and apparently prevents bacterial growth in my gums. Which is a relief. I sound mega sarcastic, and that makes me sound like I don’t love this toothbrush. I’ve literally used it every day since I got it. And I’ll probably use it forever. So technically this toothbrush owns me.

Science Stuff Which Fixes Your Teeth

Most electric toothbrushes help to remove plaque and bacteria. Yuck, but true. The reason the ION SEI is different is that basically; a UV light (laser, definitely a cool laser) strikes the titanium dioxide bar on the brush and makes some hydroxyl radical which generates IONS. This part means nothing to me, Vienna. But what I do get is this OH radical and IONs help to suppress bacteria, which prevents the formation of plaque. This process travels deeper in your mouth than other electric toothbrushes (that’s what she said).

The ION-SEI works with your bodies natural electrical charge, which produces the opposite charge that suppressed bacterial growth and plaque, in turn, helping to attract bacteria and plaque from your teeth. And that, my friends, is the most scientific I have ever been.

To The Root

I’m using my lake blue ION SEI toothbrush every day and I like how it makes my mouth feel. I like smooth teeth, ya know… The finer things in life. It has 3 cleaning modes, with 4 30-second intervals for each part of the mouth and it also holds battery for ages, which means either it has a great battery or I’m not brushing my teeth enough. My only critique is the changing of the head. Another sentence I never thought I would say. You can buy a variety of brush heads to swap around when the bristles start to go rubbish. The only problem is when you brush your teeth, there is the slightest gap between the attachment of the brush head and the brush, which lets toothpaste and mouth drool in. So you do need to boil the heads or use a cotton bud to clean them out. A small price to pay for gleaming teeth, and a smile with confidence.

You can grab the ION SEI toothbrush here for £129.99.



The Chief.