Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters: 8 Best Beaches

Water You Saying?

I love the coast. So when I found out that 2020 was to be the Year of Coasts and Waters, I was in my element. I’d love to know the exact moment I realised I was a mermaid. Was it when I took to the banks of Loch Ness every Summer from the age of 6? Or was it when I, more recently, dived into the midnight-blue depths at Loch Moy, Snoop dog in tow? Could it be when Aye 2.0 and I bought the ultimate fixer-upper home on the North East Coast purely for the sensational sea views? It could have been a roofless tent, but it wouldn’t have mattered because you just can’t buy sea vibes.

Life by the coast is perfect. On stormy days, we take to the harbour to watch the monumental waves bash the harbour walls. When the storm dies down, we trail the unspoilt beaches searching for treasure or as it’s more commonly known, Scottish sea glass. And it’s bliss.

The Year of Coasts and Waters

Visit Scotland love a themed year. And I love them for it. But I love coasts and waters even more. I’m also an avid wild swimmer, having fallen for the thrill of making waves in 2019. If you are looking to find out more about wild swimming and all of its marvellous benefits, I thoroughly recommend the book, ‘Taking the Plunge.’ I received Taking the Plunge for Christmas and it has rarely been out of my hands since.

Hunting and exploring little known beaches is fast-becoming a personality trait of mine. So I thought, in keeping with this wonderful themed-year, that I would share some of my favourite coasts and waters, to give you a little bit of coastal inspo.

Coast-ess with the Most-ess

Looking for somewhere to bring a basket of egg mayo finger rolls and a bottle of Shloer? We’ve got you covered. Here are 9 of our favourite Scottish beaches that you just have to visit in 2020.

1. Cruden Bay Beach, Aberdeenshire

2. Chanonry Point, Inverness-shire

3. Luskentyre and Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris

4. West Sands Beach, St Andrews

5. Newburgh Beach, Aberdeenshire

6. Rosemarkie Beach, Inverness-shire

7. Elgol Beach, Isle of Skye

8. Cullen Beach, Aberdeenshire

Further info

Check out Visit Scotland to see the many great Coasts and Water themed events happening in Scotland in 2020.



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