Scottish Homes: BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year

Hello There!

Hey, I’m Emma and this is my first blog post for The Aye Life, which I’m very excited about!  I’m based in Kirriemuir, Angus, where I live with my husband and two children. I was kindly asked me write a wee bit about the viewing delight that is ‘BBC Scotland’s Home Of The Year’.  Let me tell you more about getting to see inside some amazing Scottish homes and why you should definitely tune in.

Beautiful Scottish Homes

Okay, I am late to the party but I’ve recently binged on the fantastic ‘Scotland’s Home Of The Year’.  And I love it!  It was hidden away on BBC Scotland but I believe it deserves to be loud and proud on Beeb 1 for sure. It was first commissioned in 2019. And it’s back this year with more inspirational, gorgeous Scottish homes for us all to drool over.

The format consists of three peeps having a good old nosey round some amazing Scottish homes.  They then decide which should be crowned ‘Scotland’s Home Of The Year’, or ‘SHOTY’ for short.  The expert peeps are globally recognised lifestyle blogger Kate Spiers, architect and university lecturer Michael Angus and Glasgow based interior designer Anna Campbell-Jones.  And if they ever need another judge to help them, you know, I’m here.  Just saying….

Nosey Parker

Interiors are my thing and I love a good ‘housey’ programme.  So a chance to snoop around the best Scottish homes from the comfort of my sofa of an evening is a winner with me. There are nine regional categories and there are three houses selected from each region.  The homes featured have been nominated by their owners.  There is a real mix of size and style of homes and the budget that has been spent on each house differs greatly.  They range from a large three storey town house in Edinburgh to a cosy fisherman’s cottage in Stromness.  Each one shows so much love and attention given by the owner to the space they inhabit.

Who Lives In A Scottish Home Like This?

It’s fascinating to take a peek behind the doors of such an eclectic mix of homes.  Of course I chose my favourites as each home was revealed, but it’s amazing to see the homes reflecting so vividly the home owners personality.  I’m now looking around, wondering what my home says about me?  I see kitchen walls that need plastering (pesky Covid-19 has hampered that particular task).  I also see mess created by my children who have been at home instead of school for over three months (cheers again Covid).  Maybe I’ll just tell my house to shoosh for the time being.

Location, Location, Location

The locations of some of these houses alone deserve a prize. The views from some of the many shiny glass balconies show Scotland at it’s very best.  I’d be more than happy to live in a wee ramshackle But ‘n’ Ben to wake up to views like that every morning.  Well, as long as there was running water, gas central heating and electricity for my hair straighteners – a girl has needs. Okay, who am I kidding, I want a massive house to waltz around in and fulfil my interior aspirations.  A mansion you say?  Although maybe I should first look for some advice about living in a mansion before I sign on the dotted line….


If all this talk of interiors has inspired you to spruce up your gaff, we have just the girl for you.  Take a look at the amazing Tery McCowan who is the designer and printer behind Clement Design.  Tery is inspired by Scottish wildlife and the beautiful rural landscape of the Highlands where she is based. Check out her Scottish home products, many of which are hand printed in her Applecross studio.

Could It Be You?

They are currently looking for homes to take part in next years series.  So if you think your home has what it takes give them a shout.  Then invite me round for a visit please because like I said, I’m nosey.

Now, I won’t let slip which house won but it’s a corker for sure!  Catch up with it all on BBC iPlayer at your leisure.  Then you can thank me later for letting you know about this wee gem of a programme.