Scottish Langoustines at The Fishmarket in Mallaig

I’ll take the longest ‘een

If you happened to miss the fact that The Aye Life are, overall, massive seafood fans, then now is your chance to catch up. Between sailing the seven seas and dipping in and out of lochs up and down the country, it was only a matter of time before we came across some real good seafood. It was when we went West that we came across The Fishmarket in Mallaig and it was when we went West that most of my wee dreams came true.

Scottish Seafood
The Fishmarket Mallaig

Call me biased, but I reckon Scottish seafood is the best in the whole world. Why? Because our fish are proper hardy. They are like the marines of seafood. They live in freezing cold water basically all year round. So I don’t think they come any fresher. Nah, they don’t.

Me, my man and my fur fam live in Cruden Bay, a cutesy wee village on the North East Coast near Peterhead, which also happens to be one of the biggest fishing ports in the UK. But we are badly in need of a really great local seafood restaurant. So sometimes we forage on low tide, usually to not much avail.

Way Over West

Scottish Langoustines En route to Mallaig, we stopped at Glenfinnan, Arisaig and the Silver Sands of Morar (where we had a cheeky wee wild swim).

When we arrived in Mallaig, we were eating our cheeks. And seeing as Mallaig is a cracking wee coastal town, we opted for a chippy. But the chippy offered way more than just haddock and chips. I bagged myself a hefty portion of Scottish langoustines, bathing in garlic and lemon butter. My better half had fresh monkfish with a Thai Red Curry sauce. We parked up overlooking the sea (and the Isle of Skye) and nobody has ever been as happy as me in that moment. Yer just gonna have to pop along to The Fishmarket and try out the fab, fresh scran!



The Chief.