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Seven Crofts Gin: A Coorie Ullapool Tipple

And then there were 7

Should I be publicly admitting to drinking the amount of gin that I have during loch-doon? Probably not. But does it make me a wee bit of a connoisseur? It does, aye. I wanted to work on myself during loch-doon so I basically got myself a gin membership. Well, not an official one. But I did taste test a lot of different gins. Not like “a lot a lot,” just… a fair few. But as lochdoon 1.0 (anything could happen) started to come to an end, The Aye Life was sent a bottle of Seven Crofts Gin. Which is made in the Highlands. Like me.

A vase or a candle holder?

Seven crofts ginPerhaps the most striking thing about this gin is it’s sex appeal. I mean, what a bonnie bottle! I wanted it purely cause it would match my house. We didn’t even want to drink it. It was going to sit in my kitchen as a feature for folks to think, “wow, she’s proper posh.”

But then I realised that I have never not drank gin. Ever. And I’m still keeping the bottle because it will look just dashing with a faux lily poking out the top of it. Folks will still think I’m dead posh. Seven Crofts has much more to it than just good looks.

Seven Crofts Gin

A small batch gin with big coorie, Seven Crofts represents the original seven private dwellings that made up Ullapool in 1791. They established growth in the area through unique craft and trade throughout the country.

Did you know that Ullapool is one of the best places in Scotland to get married? I didn’t know that until Aye 2.0’s cousin said “Aye do” there. It’s got a gorgeous beach, cracking wee local businesses, top scran and an overall lovely vibe!

Seven Crofts blends seven botanicals creating a smooth, warming gin. Perfect all year round and with all the hallmarks of a gorgeous ornamental feature.



The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.