Snoop’s Best Dog Walks on Scotland’s North East Coast

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My best and your best are probably two very different things. But if you are anything like me and have a water daft doggo and a water daft personality, then you will love these dog walk hotspots on the North East Coast. Photos of Snoop have been included for proof. She bloody loves it.

Is there anything better when your head is a jungle than visiting the coast? I think not. Now that I live by the sea, I could never not live by the sea. I would feel dehydrated. The salt keeps me seasoned through the seasons. The waves give me chill when I am fuming. The mussels taste sensual when smothered in wine. But I feel like the North East Coast could be a whole other kettle of trout, if we just did more to shout about it.

How the North East looks in my head

Watersports. Fresh crab by the seaside. Harbour fishing. Swimming with doggo. Surfing with fellow water-lovers. Barbeques and seaside soirees. Boat trips. Basically everything nature provides but elevated and celebrated. I know one day that my vision will be a reality, but for now, let’s focus on the best dog walks in the North East.

1. Cruden Bay Beach

What are you surprised? Of course, I am biased, I live here! But that doesn’t mean that Cruden Bay Beach isn’t one of the best beaches in Aberdeenshire. It is largely unspoiled, always different and always beautiful.

2. Balmedie Beach

This beach can be really busy in the Summer. So if your dog is an arse, the best thing to do is to go either first thing in the morning or during any other season. But this is one hell of a stretch with the most incredible sand dunes. Sometimes we roll down them, which is probably more fun without large boobs.

3. Forvie Nature Reserve (NOT the seal side)

I feel like I need to be specific. Heaps of seals hang around at Newburgh beach and unless you want your dog to be seal soup, you should stick to the Forvie Nature Reserve side. As you drive out of Newburgh, you come over a small bridge. On the right-hand side, there is a car park. That is where the walk starts. My directions are shocking so consider this a disclaimer. If you get lost, that’s on you.

4. Cullen Beach

Cullen is one of my favourite North East villages. It has everything; a great chipper, a cool-ass bridge and a stonker of an ice-cream shop. But that ain’t all as it also has a marvellous beach. Great for dog walks and even greater for sea glass searching.

5. Collieston Beach (When the tide is out)

If you go when the tide is in, you’re basically setting your dog up for a swimming session because there is literally no beach. But when the tide is out, the harbour is a marvellous place to walk your doggo. A little like Balmedie, don’t go there with doggo on the only hot day of the year in Scotland. Because Scottish folk don’t get a Summer too often.

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