Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisturiser by Soap & Glory Review3 min read

Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisturiser by Soap & Glory Review

I am not saying that I am two faced but if I was then I would need twice as much moisturiser, there’s some food for thought. Unfortunately, I have a little bit of an addiction that I haven’t told any of you avid readers yet. This addiction involves purchasing moisturisers and face creams on a weekly basis.

Society tells me that my face should be moist and in this case I am happy to conform. The only problem is that I am running out of space for all of my potions. This is a real life problem. Maybe I should start an AA meeting for moisture-holics because sometimes a girl needs to be around people like her.

Why did you buy Speed Plump Victoria?

Other than my previously mentioned addiction? Well, I actually also have a little bit of an addiction to Soap & Glory. Their branding looks so good in my bathroom which I feel is as good an excuse as any. My face is already plump and I am working on this via Monday-Friday health kicks. Don’t worry though, this moisturiser doesn’t make your face fat. The idea is to plump the moisture from within.

I actually roped in the man in my life to assist me with testing this as his skin is slightly more sensitive than mine. I was willing to risk his face blowing into a balloon in order to provide you all with this review, you’re welcome.

 All About the Face

This is important to theayelife as we believe that you should get as much bang for your buck as possible.

  • Speed Plump has good ground cover although you do need to use a little extra moisturiser than you normally would due to the all day finish.
  • It does provide all day moisture though which is fantastic if you are travelling or really busy. My DIY days are spent make-up free with just my nice potions on and I used Speed Plump when I was painting a bedroom. The moisture definitely stayed within my skin for the day.
  • My fiancé told me around 7 times that he felt refreshed after using this but this could be because he never moisturises. In my opinion, most of Soap & Glory products are refreshing and Speed Plump was no different.
  • It smells like a cocktail of watermelon and happiness. If you used this first thing in the morning then I would imagine your morning might get ever so slightly better.
  • Speed Plump boasts being very wrinkle friendly. Unfortunately I do not have any obvious enough wrinkles yet and jealousy is a nasty thing. I felt all of the benefits above therefore I would advise trying it on wrinkles to see if it does help.

Did Speed Plump pass the theayelife test?

Yes, it is a go-to moisturiser for travelling. I would advise slapping it on when you are doing any of the following:

  • Travelling
  • Doing DIY
  • Going to the gym
  • Hungover
  • Hot flushing

If you like the sound of this moisturiser, you can purchase it here. Let me know how you get on, feedback makes me feel happy inside.



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