Tales on Tour 2018: A Shot of Edinburgh

Tales on Tour BABY

Question 1: Where is the best place in the world to drink? Answer: Scotland
Question 2: Where is the second best place in the world to drink? Answer: New Orleans

All the way from N’awlins to Scotland and oozing sweet Southern charm comes the worlds largest cocktail festival, Tales of the Cocktail, daiquiri in hand.

Where? Edinburgh.
When? 7th – 10th April.
Why? Because cocktails, duh?!

Here we, here we, here we tuck-in go

We’re on our way, from abstinence to Tales on Tour today uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuh. We haven’t really abstained but the party don’t start till we walk in and we just cannot wait to welcome our spirited soul mates to Scotlands capital city. Seeing as I’m not just a pretty face, I’ve put together just a few epic reasons why you need to be there and square with great big hair. And the question is… How is your April looking?

Please Report to The Principal

Where on earth better to welcome Tales on Tour than the sexy bricks of The Principal Hotel in Charlotte Square? Toto, we ain’t in Kansas any-more and I’m on the gin. That’s right folks, on the 8th April, you best be popping into The Principal Hotel for the inaugural Toast to Tales. The last time we did this, we were outside the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans and I was sweating like a damsel in a dress.

Who? Southern Comfort (some famous-ish Scottish bloggers, a brass band and hopefully you).
When? 8th April, 3-4pm (Be there with great hair)
Why? Creole Cuisine and Cocktails, duh?!

Attention to Tales

Caught me hey, caught me sippin. What next you say?! Time to taste tales at Taste of Tales. This is pretty much a meet and greet or sip and strip at a bar tool playground with some of the finest boozers North of booze-toon. Expect Bonac 24 Irish Gin (IRISH GIN), Cremor Irish Cream, One Gin (one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do), Muddle Magazine, professional drink talkers who know their vodka from their bottle and their whisky from their jar and not to mention the one and only Tipple Box. Tipple Box send you boxes of cocktail ingredients every month in exchange for cash. What a deal, take my money.

Who? Bonac 24 Irish Gin, Coctelería Consciente, Cremór Irish Cream, El Guapo Bitters, ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto, Lanique, Muddle Magazine, One Gin, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, The Permit Room, Tipple Box.
When? 8th April, 4pm (Be there like a care bear)
Why? Bar tools, tasters and cocktails, duh?!

Sing for the Gin-ner

One of our more local sippers is heading down to Tales on Tour for an evening of fun, flavour and frivolity and I am up to my knees in excitement. Bumping into the Scottish Glenfiddich Ambassador at Tales in New Orleans led to a string of late-night poetic patriotism so being on our own stamping ground sipping Porters Gin with Aberdeens finest should definitely leave a tale to tell. Porters Gin will be serving highballs and nibbles at Edinburghs Hyde & Sons Bar. Lock up your daughters.

Where? Hyde & Sons
When? 8th April, 5.30-7.30pm
Who? Jack Wareing, Porters Gin Brand Ambassador, and Alex Lawrence, Founder
Why? Aberdonian cocktails, duh?!

Winner Winner Chicken Gin-ner

Just when you think Edinburgh Gin couldn’t get any more fabulous, they go and make you supper. Definitely a keeper. The 2 hour event will include three courses of correlated gin and food pairings, showcasing the best local produce, cocktails and live music.

Where? The Voyage of Buck Bar
When? 8th April, 6.30-8.30pm
Who? Edinburgh Gin and all of your pals.
Why? Dinner with Edinburgh Gin, come on!

New Orleans, have you beignet..?

So it might be Edinburgh in April and it might be a little chilly on the silly. However, Edinburgh does rival New Orleans with its amazing architecture and wild history. Fancy joining Southern Comfort for their ‘Bring New Orleans to Edinburgh’ party? If you aren’t already heading down to Tales, a night of lip-locking liqueur, live music and GUMBO should really be convincing you. A little fun-bo in the gumbo?

Where? KIN
When? 8th April, 8pm
Who? Southern Comfort, friends turned family and you.
Why? Laissez les bon temps rouler, duh?!


And that is only half of the events on day 1… There’s also a whole pile of other shnazzy shindigs that want to +1 you to pieces. Think Hendricks Gin, UWA Tequila, Absolut, Altos, Sipsmith Gin, Peroni, Martini and EVEN The Gleneagles Hotel (I know right?! Cray-zay).

If you ain’t on the Tales on Tour bus then it’s leaving without you. Seeing as I’m not a terrible bloke, here’s a wee discount code: FOMEDIATOUR18 (Sharings caring but you ain’t getting near my dirty martini).

For more booze-induced events and more importantly, tickets – see the Tales of the Cocktails website here.

Why? Cocktails, duh?!






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