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The Humble ABode

We were far from glamping. In fact, we were booked into the beautiful 4 star ABode Hotel in the centre of Glasgow. If you listen very carefully, you will hear absolutely no complaints. When we arrived, the Spanish bloggeros had also descended. The reception area was a little like mayhem, although handled very patiently by the staff. As it wasn’t quite time to check-in, the receptionist was delighted to take our luggage and still managed to hold a believable smile as she carried our ten ton tackle into the Arc Suite for safekeeping while we sauntered off for a champagne lunch. Could be worse…

Bubbles and Upgrades

Once we got back to the ABode Hotel after a bubbly lunch at Champagne Central, only a ten minute walk from the hotel, we were itching to get to our room for further exploration. The receptionist handed us our keys whilst letting us know that unfortunately we had been upgraded to a junior suite. Oh boo hoo, what a terrible shame and yet another reason for us to just dread getting to our pre-booked 4 star suite upgrade. Certainly makes up for the times when I’m up till 1am writing mini novels.

On the way up to our room, I had an in-depth nosy at the decor around the hotel and became slightly dazed by the purple twinkly Christmas tree in the lobby, which I passed comment on around 23 times during our stay. The rest of the halls were plastered in Scottish flair and made for a perfect ‘get out of the cold’ welcome.

Suite Suite Loving at The ABode Hotel

On arrival at room 111, we were absolutely flabbergasted at the sheer size of our suite. I’m in adoration of classic old buildings with high ceilings. This one could of housed a small fort and still had room for a team of roofers. We love a suite. There is something super handy about having a living room within a hotel room. Even if it is solely used for the display of clothing for the stay ahead. Our room had a lovely big comfy sofa, with coffee table and a separate desk. There was also a tuck shop tin, filled with help-yourself goodies.

All of that before I even get started on the bed. I had noticed that during our trip, many of our fellow blogger pals had mentioned on social media about just how comfy the bed was. They were not wrong. The bed wasn’t just the size of a tennis court, but it also had the best mattress I have ever experienced in a hotel. The bedding was crisp and the addition of a tartan lambs wool throw had me feeling far from sheepish.

Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather during the second day of our trip. This meant I had to refrain from going out to any of the days events, leaving Scott a lone wolf. I was gutted to be missing out on both the tours and a further catch up with our fellow bloggers. However, I did get some time to experience the hotel, even if it was staying in bed and watching back to back episodes of Four in a Bed whilst keeping up to date on the days events via Social Media.

It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so still

The hotel might as well have been based in the Scottish countryside as you would never have known you were in Glasgow city centre. The only noise we experienced during our stay was the rat-a-tat-tat of the beautiful person arriving with our breakfast tray. She visited us twice, bringing with her the finest of breakfasts. We were asked during our stay by our fellow guests if we would be joining them for breakfast but my great-Aunty Social told me to make the most of me time and she hasn’t yet been wrong.

We made great use of the breakfast in bed option. Scott enjoyed a cooked breakfast sandwich and I got stuck into a Bakers Basket packed with pastry perfections the first day and a cooked breakfast sandwich the second. It is bloomin’ cold in Scotland during the winter (and the Summer) so it’s always great to keep well fuelled…

Pie & Brew

Our first evening of Year of Young People events involved a planned kiss up in Tennents Brewery. So when we arrived back to our the ABode, we had lots to mull over and a heap of notes to compile. We decided to do this in the cheeky wee bar underneath the hotel.

The Pie & Brew does exactly what it says on the tin. The upmarket pub serves up booze and pies to anyone with a fancy for finery. We didn’t actually realise that the Pie & Brew was part of the ABode Hotel and were delighted to hear that we could take a lift from the bar to our hotel room. A match made in heaven! Scott enjoyed an Old Fashioned cocktail because he’s an Old Fashioned kinda gent. Whilst I had a ‘Glaswegian Rockstar’ which for me, is half true.

The Hotel also has a Brasserie with a very tempting looking menu. Unfortunately we were that busy during our trip that we didn’t really get much of a chance to test the tasters. However after staying at the ABode once, I’m very much looking forward to returning when we next visit Glasgow.

Hotel Heaven

Overall, we very much enjoyed our stay at the ABode. Although this is the only ABode in Scotland, we look forward to branching out further with this brand in the future.

We were recently invited on a press trip to Glasgow to celebrate Year of Young People 2018. 29 other bloggers from across Europe joined us. For the weekend, Visit Scotland had taken care of all the logistics. Bliss. We would very much like to thank Visit Scotland for organising our trip and the ABode Hotel staff for being so incredibly helpful and friendly during our stay.



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