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The Camerons Tearoom: Lunch, Views and Bonnie Coos

I have to hand it to Camerons Tearoom, they’ve absolutely nailed lunch in the Highlands. We’ve been to many a coffee shop, cafe and lunch hub up near Inverness and whilst many of them have tasty in bucketloads, none of them have done it with such Scottish charm.Highland cow The Camerons Tearoom, just round the corner from Foyers Lodge, looks very inviting from the outside.Camerons TearoomThe wooden-clad exterior pops against the intensely green Scottish backdrop.

Coos and Views

SandwichThe family also own the neighbouring farm and consequently, the darling herd of Highland cows whom I was lucky enough to meet during my visit. As if all that wasn’t enough, there are also tame deer in the land next to the tearoom. If only they could move in a couple of haggis then they would have a lunch land of Scottish epicness. Unfortunately, haggis are really difficult to catch.

Friendly is as friendly does

As soon as we walked in the door, we were met with a cracking wee wifey, she had that homely kinda manner that you only really get from family you’ve nae seen in a while. The family who will say it as it is with a bucket full of love and an even bigger bucket full of mince and tatties. I felt at home as soon as I walked in.

Baking and Caking

Victoria SpongeOkay so I spose it’s the perks of the blog, but they especially made a Victoria sponge cause I was coming. Or so they say. Either way, I wasn’t really going to turn it down now, was I? And if that Victoria sponge is even a glimmer of the kinda baking on offer there, it’s the place to go for cake. I ate mine, and then I eat all of Aye 2.0s. Send help.

Camerons Tearoom

DeerThe food was cracking and the atmosphere was relaxed. We followed up our food with a feeding session with the Highland coos and a wee pet of one of the resident deer. Stick this one in your jotter, this a lovely stop for lunch in the Highlands.

Thanks to the lovely team at team Cameron for having us along, can’t wait to come back!



The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.