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Every Cop has its Thorne

Just like every night, has its morn… And interestingly enough, it’s 1.30am where I am and those midnight Cheerios aren’t half putting fuel in my tank. So instead of unsuccessfully trying to get off to sleep whilst wondering if our house will ever be the eloquent showroom I so desire, I have decided instead to be productive. But what you gon’ do when the dog is snoring, the man is snoring and the frost is creeping in through the bollocks of the house causing loss of toe-consciousness? It was a toss up between looking at Markies knickers online or doing something I’ll appreciate myself for in the morning, like writing. So here’s a wee story about a recent stay at a Faberdonian love shack, The Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen, the North East’s answer to central girth draped in 70’s eleganza.

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen didn’t actually come during this stay. I’d already had some dealings with the hotel, mostly through boozy work-dos… A particularly lucky one seen me walk away with a £70 bottle of champagne. Winner. But I hadn’t stayed at the hotel that time as I lived around the corner and that would have been pretentious AF. And although I was boozy (work-do #SorryNotSorry), I have fond memories of home baked bread and tidy toilets. Things were off to a good start.

Shut up and park

The Cop (cue unnecessary shortening of hotel name) has a car park just across the road from it that we thought we’d need to pay £873 to park in overnight. Total price? £2.70. Don’t know how we did it, but we did and I recommend you do the same. Scott still insisted on holding my arm whilst I crossed the road, whilst making sheer terror noises every time a curb made itself present. He still hasn’t gotten over ankle-gate, even though it was SO last Summer.

As I got into the hotel, I was met with a calm attitude and a cheery face, which is the first time Scott’s been like that in months. The receptionist was nice too, friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at hearing in distracting environments so I did have to say “pardon” and “sorry, what?” 82 times. She handled it well. Because that’s what people do at the cop. She checked us in in seconds, whilst Scott watched intently, radiating silent h-anger.

Well this is roomy

The rooms at The Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen are absolutely massive. Like, I could have knocked out the Strictly competition with an Aberdonian Waltz if I had so chosen to do so. Scott commented on the possibility of swinging several large animals. The room was a little dated, but it made up for this in size and spruce. Considering we only paid £41 for our stay, this was just a wee bit of a bargain.

Unfortunately, Scott fell out with the TV within the first 7 minutes. If you ask him, he will blame this on me by saying that I pressed too many buttons due to impatience. But does that really sound like me? He called reception and the manager who I’d just connected with on LinkedIn arrived at the room. Whilst I hung my head in shame. Thankfully, I looked like an abominable showman and in turn, nothing like my LinkedIn photo so I’m pretty sure I got off Scot free.

When all else fails, take a bath

Which I definitely did do. I stayed in that tub until I had absorbed at least 65% of the water and resembled a pale prune. The room may have been a little dated, but the bathroom was neutral and huge. So realistically, I can put up with maroon and beige combos if I’m paying 40 quid for an all-nighter in a grand hall. We also slept great. I used to be awful at sleeping in hotels. Because I am a home bird. But these last few months I’ve been getting into some pretty great beds and The Copthorne was definitely one of them.

The Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen

A stone’s throw from Union St, a pebbles throw from Baskin-Robbins (ice-cream goals), a large room with a comfy bed and a car park just across the road. The Cop’s at the top for central ABZ stays. Book here.




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