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The Definition

Welcome to The Aye Life, it’s the Scottish equivalent of the good life. Tighten your braces and pour a heavy dram, cause you’re in for a wild, wet and often pretty windy ride.

Two folks called Victoria and Scott accidentally became Scottish bloggers overnight when they created The Aye Life. You may see them kicking around our social media, up to their usual shenanigans. They gave us a pretty decent following of around 80k, and helped us reach between 500k and 1 million folks every month. Mostly from random banter and bonnie views. So… The Aye Life is kinda like a Scottish Blog, but we sometimes wear media jackets. We do lots of “bloggy” stuff, but we also do press and media events. Some folk call us Scottish influencers, but the word “influencer” kinda makes us boke a bit.

The Aye Life is the place where folks come to search for Coorie & Craic. Fits that mean, you ask? ‘Coorie’ has many meanings. Amongst ‘cosy’ and ‘snuggling in,’ it is also a hot-to-Scot term which describes exactly the type of Scottish lifestyle that The Aye Life adores. Wild swims, big bonnie lochs, hearty scran and the “cooriest of Scottish surroundings. ‘Craic’ is a smashing term which describes exactly the type of banter that the folks at The Aye Life do on the daily. Craic is laughs, great company and all kinds of Scottish fun and frolics.

We’re in search of Coorie & Craic, and we ain’t ever gonna stop looking, so you shouldn’t either. Stick around.

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