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The Edinburgh Dungeons at Halloween: Terror Time Again

Well, if you know us at all, you’ll know that around October every year, The Aye Life become The Die Life. We are big on all things Halloween. If it’s scary, we are watching it. If it’s sweet, we’re eating it. And if it’s a trick, we’re probably behind it. Which is part of the reason why we hit up the Edinburgh Dungeons every Autumn. Not only is Edinburgh completely gorgeous in Autumn, with its crisp chill, stunning colours and endless architecture just begging to be explored with a hot choccy in hand but Edinburgh is also dead haunted. Think underground vaults, a secret city, old closes and terrifying residents of the past. Yep, the capital is a dead ringer for ghosts. And we love it.

The Terrible Two

When we arrived at the Edinburgh Dungeons, we were the only folk who had booked on to that specific time slot. The staff were kind (or horrible) enough to offer us a private tour. We were street smart enough to say “not a hope in hell.” So we left for coffee and came back when there were other humans booked on. Safety in numbers and all that.

With the current climate, things are a little different at the Edinburgh Dungeons. Hand-sanitiser is aplenty, social-distancing is the norm and the creepy actor folks whose job it is to freak folk out, can’t come too close to you cause of the social distancing. For that, I was grateful. But it didn’t stop them scaring the heebie-jeebies out of me. Aye, properly freaked me out. Didn’t cry though. I’ll take all the wins I can get.

Sawney Beans on Toast

I’m nae going to spoil it for you (or warn you) but I will tell you about my new boyfriend, Sawney Bean. I don’t know if he knew I was a fearty (Fearty means “scaredy” in Scottish) but he picked on me. Well, he made me his girlfriend. I wasn’t ready to be the girlfriend of an infamous Scottish cannibal, but life’s a box of chocolates eh? He didn’t seem too bothered that I was clinging onto the very arm hairs of my very own Aye 2.0, obviously sharing is caring where he comes from. Going by his dinner menu, sharing is definitely caring.

Edinburgh Dungeons

No Autumnal trip to Edinburgh is quite the same without a trip to the Edinburgh Dungeons, especially if you love Halloween like we do. If you visit at the right time in October, you might just catch the séance. Which we did. And it was perfectly dreadful. All the best Halloween things are.

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This article contains sponsored/gifted content.