The Elphinstone Hotel, Biggar

Think Biggar

After setting off from Cruden Bay early in the morning, we arrived in the picturesque town of Biggar (via a back road thanks to the most complicated, stupid round-about somewhere on the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow). We parked up, looked at each other and said “This town looks nice”, and I can confirm that it really was.

Before checking into the Elphinstone Hotel, conveniently placed on the main street, we had a few bits to attend to. This was a very different trip for us as we had a third wheel in tow, our rescue Lab Callie.

Our first stop was a pet shop to buy poop bags because it don’t get more glamorous than that. Callie walked out with a full set of chicken feet protruding from her gums. The bitch was on holiday.

After a quick walk around a campsite, home to the beautiful but killer swan lake, and a hike up the old railway line, we were ready to check in to the Elphinstone and show Callie her new digs for the night.

The Elphinstone Hotel was a tidy, cosy and homely place, the perfect fit for a small town pub hotel. We had a family suite because we had our 4-year-old velcro dog with us. She got the bunk bed, the lower bunk, because she would have to fight me off for the top one. I haven’t seen a bunk bed since I was about 6, and I probably won’t see another one given Victoria and my’s views on children. Labs are enough thank you.

Biggar Grub

We had supper and breakfast at the hotel, and the food was so good that it warranted itself an article all to itself – Eating Out at The Elphinstone Hotel in Biggar

Dream Biggar

Sometimes beds in hotels seem like an afterthought which is a bit mental since, after a roof, the bed is the main basic selling point of a hotel. Victoria loved this mattress. Like really loved it, she was off to sleepy town within minutes of “Night Night Monkey”. She never falls asleep that quickly, unless the living room is littered with empty bottles of Gin and Rum (Love you Babe), so top marks to the Elph for the bed.

The Elphinstone Hotel Review

The hotel is slap bang in the town centre, offering a great nights sleep, great food and a lounge and bar to wet your whistle in.

Biggar itself is a charming place surrounded by hills and Highlands-like countryside. It also has a world-famous Victorian puppet show and Scotland’s only permanent puppet theatre. Cool claim to fame huh? Everythings Biggar in Biggar. If you’re looking for things to do near Biggar, we highly recommend New Lanark and Lanark Loch. New Lanark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is spectacular and Lanark Loch is lovely for a walk.

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Our experience at The Elphinstone Hotel was gifted but as always, all opinions are our own.