The French Bedroom Company: Nature’s Boudoir

Ooh La La

When in Ayesolation, one must find activities to keep one occupied. One must prowl the internet endlessly in search of one’s next project. Well, one mustn’t. But this one must. I don’t do well under lock and key. But I do awfully well on The French Bedroom Company website. And various other pretty home decor websites. I’m a master home decor creep. Total Pinterest stalker. Admitted.throw with cat I need all the stuff to keep me entertained permanently. Distractions are my friend. I’ve never been so productive in all my days as I have during the great lockdown of 2020. So much so that I’ve cracked the whip on my other half and we’ve done all the stuff. All the time.


bedroom sceneOne of our more recent projects has been a large bedroom. A large bedroom which has been “decorated” at least 7 times since we moved in 4 years ago. But I’ve never been happy with it. Because we’ve usually decorated it over two days. It’s always been a rush around a busy schedule and the results displayed that. This time things were going to be different. This time it was going to take weeks, even months. Yay.

I’m a Nature-ist

French bedroom navy throwWe were going for big nature vibes. Y’know, basically everything reflected in my personality that I haven’t seen right in front of me for the last 4 years. Blues, greens, lush herbage, plush furnishings, white wood furniture. Crisp, clean, classy. And it remains a work in progress. And I am okay with this.

When we finally finished our Photowall feature (this took considerable time, our house is a construction zone of death), I finally got to look for the fun stuff – the textile decor. And at around the same time, I came across The French Bedroom Company, who were happy to send me a lovely navy wool throw with chunky tassels, to add to my nature wonderland of dreams.

I absolutely adore it, it’s super soft, but not too heavy, so I can have it on the bed throughout the year, but I can also wrap it around my chilly legs through the winter. It’s fluffy and cosy and our cat, O’Malley is a big fan. Too big a fan I think (he isn’t supposed to be on the bed)…


The French bedroom companyOur classic new throw was gifted from The French Bedroom Company. I ended up on their website the same day they shipped it, looking for more things I absolutely needed. And I came across this gorgeous, and totally wild Leopard cushion. This is not my style. Leopards are not my style. But this cushion is so far up my style, I didn’t even know.

The French Bedroom Co have such a wide range of lovely and diverse home decor products. With such a big renovation on our hands, I just know their website is going to get me into trouble with Aye 2.0. On that note… Add to cart.


*Throw gifted, pillow purchased – all opinions mine!*



The Chief.