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The Highlands: Our Scottish Ayeventures with Regatta

This post is part of a collaboration with Regatta UK, opinions mine.

I am not an outdoorsy type. Or at least, I wasn’t. I mean, I have always been drawn to water, ever since I was a wee daft toot. But hills, glens, corries, and crevices? They weren’t my jam at all. I was safe in my comfort zone but not living. But I’ve done a complete 360 in life, to be honest. As I’ve grown up to be like an “adult adult,” I’ve started saying aye to so much more, hence, “The Aye Life.” But I also say “no” to so much more. “Yes” to the things that light my wild wee internal fire, and “no” to the things that don’t.I’ve shot out of my comfort zone like a whacky, clumsy, cannonball. I’ll try almost anything once now. Before, I wouldn’t even try an onion. I had the fear. Onions freaked me right oot. I said no to even trying… onions, and the things that made me uncomfortable. Now here I am, living in a van, travelling full-time, blogging full-time, and eating onions part-time. My life is the polar opposite of a comfort zone. I quite like it.

The Best Things In Life

So aye, here I am, living in a van (Van Heilan, we enjoy a pun), with my man, and our two dogs. And I’m currently working on the next 6 months of itineraries of collaborations and partnerships to help promote the heck out of my Scottish homeland and its people, its businesses, and its abundant landscapes. That’s just so cool man.

But, since moving into a van, I’ve had to be well strict on myself. There are things I need in the van, things I want, and things that are just things and make Scott give me the “seriously?” face. Turns out, I never needed a flushing toilet but I always wanted a wood-burning stove. Obviously. I also needed 4 swimming costumes and a eucalyptus garland, but I didn’t need an indoor shower. We do have running water and a toilet by the way in case you were thinking we were kicking about in a travelling shanty. But, van life has made me realise the things and needs that make me feel content. And the things and needs that don’t. Although we got rid of a lot when we sold our house, there were some things that we absolutely needed.One of those things, ironically, was bags. Because our ayeventures call for soaking wet swimming kit and towels, but also things like drones, GoPros and laptops. Scott reminds me often that these must be kept separate. He’s actually a total cringe-fest when we arrive somewhere, like a dad on a camping trip. He analyses everything and separates it all out whilst I’m already in a loch doing the backstroke.

Regatta Bags

So of course, when Regatta reached out to us, I thought this would be a prime opportunity to stock up on bags. You can’t go wrong with backpacks. And backpacks fit in other backpacks when they’re not being used, so that takes up way less space in the van “garage.” It will always be weird calling it a garage. It’s a glorified boot. When we were offered some new backpacks, I was also super cheeky and asked for some Regatta dog toys for our two. I didn’t even know Regatta sold dog toys or accessories but were so kind as to gift a couple for Callie and Corrie. It took me a while to part with the tartan one, to be honest, it’s so cute, but our dogs ruin all their toys. I’m precious over this one though, I hope it lasts.

And, I think what I like most about these affordable backpacks is the colours. How bonnie is the Winberry Highton 25L rucksack? It’s so lovely and durable, and it stands out a mile, which I love. I find it funny that I even talk about backpacks, I would never have even contemplated this lifestyle before and now here’s me, loving every part of this new life. The backpack is 25L capacity, made of hardwearing polyester and has a chest harness and shoulder straps for comfort. It doesn’t cling either as it has an air mesh back for airflow. There’s an internal padded laptop pocket and it has reflective details for visibility. This is good for me, as many of you know already, clumsy is as clumsy does. And clumsy isn’t much use for someone who’s basically a walking tech spec.

And We Don’t Regatta Thing

Scott is delighted with his one too. His back isn’t in the best shape after his accident. Even though it was years ago, he still gets back pain, and probably always will, so he needs a backpack that works for him. These are just so ideal for him, but they don’t cost a small fortune. If you like the look of any of the fab Regatta accessories you’ve seen in this post, see the links below to order. And remember, try life outside your comfort zone, try onions. Happy ayeventuring!

Regatta Winberry Backpack.
Navy Survivor Backpack




The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.