The Hotspots And Ideas Perfect For A Bank Holiday Break3 min read

The Hotspots And Ideas Perfect For A Bank Holiday Break

Going on holiday with your children is an exciting time and the bank holidays can present the perfect time to do it. It’s a chance where the whole family can be together to spend some quality time. You get to relax and unwind from your normal daily routines. Some people see this as an opportunity to jump on a plane and head to a different country. However, there are some fantastic holidays you can do a little closer to home maximise the three day weekend. With a few coming up this year, it now seems like a good idea to share with you some of the different holidays you can do. 

Head to a location you haven’t been to before

There is no denying that close to home we have so many ideal options available. So it may be time to explore one of them if you haven’t already. Maybe you like the idea of hopping over to the Emerald Isle and exploring Ireland. It could be the beautiful little villages or even a tour such as the Cliffs of Moher tour from Galway. Of course there are some fantastic locations in Scotland, but even England and Wales have beautiful coastline and rugged landscapes to explore. Why not give one of them a go?

A “just for kids” holiday

Let’s face it, holidaying with kids can be stressful. Especially if there isn’t much for them to do or they are young. So why not consider some of the amazing holiday parks and embrace a “just for kids” holiday. These types of holidays tend to be full of entertainment and things to do. It’s a very different holiday to sitting on a sun lounger and reading a book. But it can give you some precious memories and a chance to see your kid’s faces light up when they meet their favourite TV characters. There are some different companies that provide these types of holiday so you may find you won’t have to travel too far to reach your destination. 


Camping can be a great choice for the more outdoors family. It’s a chance to get up close with nature and the elements. Children love this type of holiday as it can feel like a real adventure. But adults and couples can equally have a great time. You can pick up some great camping essentials online and even on websites like eBay. So it doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. There are many camping sites all over so all you have to do is choose where you want to go and let Google do the rest. 

Road Trip

If you don’t mind being in the car too much then why not consider a road trip and explore a few different places. This is a great chance to see more of what this country has to offer. You could choose to explore any part. There are many accommodation options like holiday lets, hotels and B&B’s so you will never be short of places to stay. This could be a great alternative holiday. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you to consider your next holiday to be in the UK. 

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