The Stair Arms Hotel Pathhead Review

Apples and Pears

I had never heard of Pathhead. Or The Stair Arms. I had literally no idea what to expect. We have frequented many a Scottish coaching inns over recent years. So when I see “Arms,” I foresee “pub with rooms.” The Stair Arms is not, in any way, a pub with rooms. After running rings around Edinburgh, during rush hour because our timing is sometimes verging on dreadful, we arrived at The Stair Arms.

It was dark because in Autumn in Scotland, daylight is like a winning lottery ticket; rare, unlikely and not something you hang your hopes on. But I am glad we arrived in the deathly dark. The Stair Arms is roadside and at this time of year, scattered in Autumn leaves and decorated aptly with snowy gold fairy lights. It reminded me a little of the adorable wee cottage in The Holiday (the best Christmas film ever if you haven’t seen it), but on a much grander scale.

Tartan It Up

The Stair Arms has recently had one hell of an overhaul. Like the kind of overhaul that I have in the first two weeks of January, every year, without fail. I never saw the place before the grand re-design. But I sure as hell have now and honestly, this is the perfect place to snuggle. Why? Because we are talking cosy overload. Plush tartan upholstery (because this is Scotland of course), dreamy chesterfield chairs, exposed beams, warm decor. Basically everything I require in my house, please.

We were given a double room – thankfully, or Aye 2.0 would have been on the floor. Our room was clean, super spacious and followed the same warm, modern-meets-tartan theme. The bed was really comfortable and the bathroom was huge with a bath and shower combi. We freaked out because we saw a fan on the bathroom roof and were, of course, both convinced that it was surveillance, because why wouldn’t people want to inspect us having poops? It gave us a laugh if nothing else.

The Stair Arms, Pathhead

The Stair Arms is only a half-hour drive from Edinburgh and is a wonderful place to stop for the cosy appeal during a trip to Scotland. With the ease of access to both the capital and the Scottish Borders, I would recommend this place for a cosy stop off for the night. Even with its roadside location, it is still quiet enough to get a good nights rest. There are a restaurant and bar in the hotel for enjoying a hefty munch and a warming nightcap. Because, when in Scotland, is it not rude to not have a whisky?

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