The Village Spa & ESPA Review

Because you know, I’m all about the face


Anybody that has followed since our birthday in February including friends and family that think I have disappeared onto another planet, will know that I have had my knuckles to the grindstone and my walls to the balls working hour after minute after week on promoting me, you, Scottish tourism and faith, hope and pixie dust. I am in love with what I do. I am in love with only putting my phone down for sleep and stressing about everything because this is the most fulfilling and brilliant thing I have ever done.

Village Hotel Edinburgh Spa

It’s like that LMFAO or LOL band say ‘I’m sexy and I know it.’ Except, I’m constant and I know it. I wish I could do a Hermione Granger and be in 3 places at once. The only problem with having too much ambition is that sleep is a total pain in the rear. I’ve got stuff to do and places to fall in love with and places to help others fall in love with. Today I did something totally out of character and took a break. Thankfully not for too long as I was really starting to get used to it. However during my moment of chill, both Scott and I took a trip to the Village Spa.

April, May

April is my saviour and she happened in May. The Village hotel had a plan for us from beginning to end and part of the plan was a complimentary treatment in the spa. I couldn’t resist an upgrade though so decided to take a facial on top of a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Village Hotel Edinburgh Spa

The massage was incredible and exactly what I needed although I think my shoulders were constantly level with my eyes before the massage as since then I feel like a weight has come off me. April made me feel so comfortable and was professional and an absolute star from the start of my treatments till the end. There was actually a moment where I had a split second emotional side because I am so proud of Scott and I.

I’m giving you face, face, face

You know that awkward moment when you go for a complimentary massage but buy all of the facial products on your way out. This happened and I am so far from being sorry about it. Aprils fault, can we blame her? Her facial had me in love with the the super scents and utter relaxation. I had already made my mind up about buying a few things on the way out but how is this for a confirmation…


As soon as I returned back through to the pretty spa lounge, Scott had finished his massage and was sitting there waiting for me. I quote ‘what happened to your face?’ ‘You have a new face’ ‘You have new skin’ ‘You look like you have just been born.’ Lovely news but I must have been the face of spades before and I feel terribly sorry that he has had to put up with my haggled old skin until now, charming beggar.

All About the Face

Skincare searching high and low has been a task for some time and has resulted in a quote from Scott ‘you have hundred of bottles, I don’t know what any of them do.’ To be fair, he isn’t the only one.

Recently I have been using a Clinique skincare routine which has been the best so far and does the job however I fell in love with my new friend ESPA today. I had a feeling something was going to happen when I used their hand wash in the hotel bathroom but the facial confirmed it. Lovers.

Skin Spends

The suspense is killing me, check out all these brilliant guys and get involved. When I tell you something is good, it’s because it is. There is a reason I don’t have 200 different amazing skincare reviews, I only brag and blog about the best and this stuff is the real deal.

Check out my accidentally tried, tested and now purchased products in the photos and let me know if you have used before or are thinking about trying. I bought them all after they were used on my now ace face and will be looking to review these individually (maybe even with some terrifying before and after photos) so watch this space!

Our Village Spa treatments were complimentary but I did pay for a facial upgrade and I purchased all of the ESPA products as Scott had no grounds for argument after the earlier comments.



The Chief.