Three Vital Steps Towards A Greener Home3 min read

We’ve all become more aware over the past few years of the pressing need to create change in our personal lives, in order to be kinder to the planet. Green ideas are rightfully at the top of many people’s agendas, and we seem to have reached a tipping point in our collective consciousness. Every person needs to take action in their own lives and become more grateful to Planet Earth, but change sometimes seems overwhelming. So what small steps can we take to ease us into a way of life which is friendlier to the planet?

Be Conscious Of Your Car Use

Transport is a huge issue in fighting carbon emissions, and many governments across the world are preparing to bring bans on fossil fuel cars into effect in the coming decade. But it also helps if we can all be more aware of car use, ride sharing where possible, choosing to walk or cycle for journeys of a few miles or under or simply opting to use public transport where we can. If you can, arranging to work from home a couple of days a week can further reduce your car use. If you do need to drive long distances regularly, consider the switch to an electric vehicle. To further reduce environmental impact, choose to purchase second hand from a trusted dealership like Hilton Car Supermarket. Small steps like getting a black box fitted to feedback on your driving style and keeping your tyres properly inflated can also help to reduce fuel consumption on the journeys that you do take – as well as saving you money.

Up Your Recycling

Recycling, reusing and reducing should be our mantra when it comes to greener behaviour. Make sure recycling items are properly sorted to avoid them being diverted to landfill, switch to cloud-based systems to avoid printing paper copies of things, and always look for opportunities to purchase items pre-loved where possible, such as furniture which can be upcycled or clothing. Purchase some reusable lightweight tote bags for carrying shopping in and some compact cutlery and a reusable metal water bottle to avoid using disposable cutlery and single use plastic water bottles. All of these little things added up can make a big difference over time.

Cut Down Power Usage

In our homes, we waste a lot of electricity that we could easily avoid. Remember to switch off appliances at the plug when not in use, or invest in a digital timer plug that automatically shuts things off at a time you set. Get some washing line to dry clothes naturally rather than relying on a tumble dryer, or if you do need to use one, then get some tumble drier balls that reduce the amount of time needed to dry your clothes. If you need to get new electric devices, try to buy ones which show the Energy Star label, which means they meet low power standards. New smart home systems can also help you to identify and reduce your electricity consumption while allowing you to remotely control your heating and hot water systems.

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Contributing Author

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