Touring Skye with Photo Walk Scotland

Photo Walk Scotland, The Skye-lights

The minute I walked in the joint, I could tell this was a trip of ambition, some real big splendour. Good looking, hills defined. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in my mind? So let me get right to the point…

I could go on but this is ain’t about me or Shirley B. This blog post is all about Photo Walk Scotland and why I now have massive lust for taking photos whilst walking in Scotland with the guys that know exactly how to do that. There are also a few other bits that I found above-average during our trip which I’ll also be sharing to make this one a real page-turner.

The Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen Skye

The first stop on our 4 day trip with Photo Walk Scotland was at The Fairy Glen and what a way to kick things off! The Fairy Glen is mega popular amongst fairies and tourists although nobody is quite sure which is responsible for creating all these little stone towers. However, there is way more to look at than just piles of rocks.

The Fairy Glen Skye

The Fairy Glen is packed with tumbling hills which look a little like ridged McCoys crisps (or tato’ chips depending on your persuasion). Romantic, dramatic and very atmospheric, this is not one to miss on a trip to the Isle of Skye. Photo Walk Scotland chauffeured us here for a wander and some cam-snapping. As it was day 1, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing and spent most of the time lying on the ground looking like a professional when really I was just taking a rest. We had a challenge for the day and it was to master Black and White (not the Michael Jackson song, the filter).

Skye Museum of Island Life

Skye Museum of Island Life

Relatively close to a place named Uig is the Museum of Island Life (if I haven’t already given that away). The Island Life Museum is where I learnt to take photos unlike photos that a million people have already taken. Understanding this concept was rather difficult to begin with because it meant thinking differently to a million people. This is also known as abstract photography.

Skye Museum of Island Life

After a bit of one-on-one time with Gordon, a superb photographer who was co-leading the tour, I captured a couple of absolute belters (if I do say so myself). Check out the evidence below and be kind, this is false confidence at its best. The Museum of Island Life also has some epic knitted ponchos that are absolutely worth a look-in. You’re welcome.

Duntulm Castle

Duntulm Castle

If you didn’t know Duntulm Castle was there, then you wouldn’t know Duntulm Castle was there. Which is another reason why I am glad I could eat apples in the front seat of a cosy Photo Walk Scotland tour-mobile. Tommy and Gordon had the local knowledge down to a T. Duntulm Castle is an absolute death trap in the wind. There were actually a couple of risk-taking sheep bodies lying at the bottom of a cave that I definitely didn’t look in and debate as an abstract photo. They looked peaceful though.

After all this baaaa-nter, I’ve just realised that this castle was once the seat of the Clan MacDonald chiefs, who are sort of my ancestors so I am probably in for a miserable afterlife, which wouldn’t be too far from how I’ve experienced the before life. Outside of my Photo Walk Scotland tour obviously, that was a slice of heaven. The castle is a scheduled monument, although I’m not entirely sure when they’ve scheduled it in for…

The Quiraing

The Quirang Skye

Not completely unlike the musical channel, The Quiraing is rocky. By this point, we were getting confident at using the old photo-mobile, thanks to a lot of help from our tour guides (before there would of been a tree in front of this impeccable landscape photo).

The Quiraing

So many people have asked me if we climbed all the way to the top of The Quiraing and for the sake of keeping up appearances and being consistent with my white lies, that would be a yes. However, for those who definitely wouldn’t walk all the way to the top of this hill (lazy beggars), I’ve been told there is a car park at the top…

Neist Point Lighthouse

Neist Point Waterfall Skye

Neist Point is the most Westerly point on the Isle of Skye and is the place where you’re most likely to see a glimpse of America (this is still, however, highly unlikely). By this point, our skills were getting a bit more serious and people were starting to use words like ‘thirds’, ‘leading lines’ and ‘composition.’ Beforehand, I thought this was how people made compliments on the Isle of Skye. ‘Check out the leading lines on that composition’. By the way, one of our team nearly died taking this photo so if you don’t at least acknowledge it then you’re kind of a bad person.

For the record, there is also a lighthouse here but we were thinking more ‘abstract.’

Cill Chroisd Church

Cill Chroisd Church

The location of this super creepy, abandoned church is thought to have a heritage that dates way back to the 7th century but I wasn’t there so I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Our photography challenge for the day when we visited Cill Chroisd Church was abstract. So, I took the opportunity to take some really artsy photos of somebodies gravestone. I won’t use her name incase y’all know her but she was a good sport and I really feel like me and her made a connection whilst I was hanging over her grave with a camera, like a sadistic tourist.

Cill Chroisd Church Skye

On another note, I received lots of advice from Photo Walk at this location, mainly because I kept falling back into my old habit of taking the type of photos that a million people take. I am such a sheep.


Old Waterwheel, Glendale

Old Waterwheel, Glendale Skye

I completely understand why Photo Walk Scotland take photo-walkers here. The place is completely abandoned and a photographers dream. I, however, counted numerous shivers up my spine. This could have been down to the subpar banter of our tour guide Tommy or the piles of sheep skulls and ankles lying about. Sheep on Skye love playing dead. I did, however, get beyond cocky with glamour glow and have since created this sensational little number. Instagram loved it. If you don’t then you’re probably wrong.

Old Waterwheel, Glendale Skye

P.S. If you’re going to go to Skye and you haven’t yet thought about taking your trip with Photo Walk Scotland, then you absolutely should. There’s a lot of Skye spots that the tourist leaflets just don’t know the half of.


Elgol Skye

Alas, Elgol! My sweet darling from heaven-land. Elgol is up there with the best places on earth. It is a tiny wee village towards the end of the Strathaird Peninsula. It boasts an above average beach and a cake shop beyond words. I had decided to wear welly boots on this particular day, despite prior knowledge that wellies may not be the best choice (new Hunters guys, c’mon). Therefore I took the opportunity to go splashing about in the water like a thirsty elephant. Unfortunately, this left me on my backside in a rock-pool. Don’t ever let caution bypass you. Thankfully nothing was injured except my pride.


The rest of the team wandered off ahead to get amazing photos of that big rock above whilst I admired it from my perfect little rock-pool sunspot. Getting up was worse than going down. Those wee (massive) mountains to the left of the big rock are known as the Black Cuillin. I would like to personally thank Photo Walk Scotland for bringing us here, I absolutely cannot wait to go back!

Loch Coruisk, Cuillin Mountains

Loch Coruisk Cuillin Mountains Skye

We even took a wee boat tour with Misty Isle Boat Trips which by the way, was fabulous! I was convinced beforehand that I wasn’t actually seasick and that waters around Scotland aren’t even that rough. It totally worked as I clung on for dear life with a big smile on my face. My other half decided to just ignore prior advice about the water being relatively choppy as he stood out on his own at the end of the boat getting soaked with numerous waves whilst the whole team pointed and laughed. Definitely helped with the smell though.

Cuillin Mountains

The boat took us from Elgol beach to Loch Coruisk which is an inland fresh-water loch at the foot of the Black Cuillin. The loch is supposedly the home of the water horse but he was neigh where to be seen. There were, however, heaps of seals lapping up the good weather.


Photo Walk Scotland

That wasn’t even the half of it

We only managed to attend the trip for 4 days because I had woman flu and Scott couldn’t go on his own because he doesn’t like strangers. This meant that we missed out on the other 3 days which included a HEAP of really cool, well-known Skye hotspots including; the Fairy Pools, Old Man of Storr, Loch Fada, Brides Veil Waterfall, Dunvegan Castle, Coral Beach, St Maelrubhas and Talisker Bay. We didn’t even get a sip of Talisker which I’m definitely sure would have cured my flu.

With a Photo Walk Scotland trip, you can be sure to experience the very best of the specific landscape, photography advice, and Scottish banter (which is way better than mine). Along with the photography aspect, you are bound to be in decent company. We made some really good friends in the few days that we were there and the sense of community amongst everyone was lovely.

Accommodation, Food & Drink and Chauffeurs

Included in a residential Photo Walk Scotland trip are your accommodation, all meals (including regular cake, the guys there love cake) and a chauffeur. The tour guides really go out of their way to make sure you are well looked after during your stay. You will be given plenty of advice on how to improve your photography skills, regardless of what kind of device you are using. I took photos of everything on my Aye phone and continue to use the editing advice to this day.

We left feeling refreshed, grateful and a little melancholy as we could have easily stayed another week. We would, however, have been there on our own and our photography would have reverted back to pre-Photo Walk standard. Not something we were willing to risk.

The guys at Photo Walk also offer tours in Glencoe, Glasgow, The Borders, Falkirk and have recently added Wild Camping to their bow. To find out more and to book your very own experience, check out their website here.

Happy snapping folks!




The Chief.