Valentte London: Natural Skincare and Home Fragrance

Will You Be My Valentte-tine?

I have been trying to write this review since before dinosaurs even had skin. I’ve literally had “compile Valentte review” written in my diary for 7 years (2 weeks/I bring the drama) and now here I finally am. Voila! And I am so happy I finally get to share these lovely products with you all! I first came across Valentte properly at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh and the team were so kind as to send me away with presents. I love presents. They kindly gifted me; a lime & grapefruit candle, a super citrusy lemongrass & rosemary diffuser and a mandarin & grapefruit body scrub. And because I have been such a lazy lady these last couple of weeks, I’ve had Valentte products sitting in various locations around the house. And the house stinks… in the best way possible.

Lime & Grapefruit Candle

Absolutely everything. I love candles but I’ll be honest, I’m completely dubious when I come across yet another candle company. There seems to be one popping up for every time my other half gets heartburn. And that’s loads. But these ones from Valentte are sleek, scent-sual and pretty. We have a large house (not bragging, it was mega cheap and half falling apart) and the candle seems to fill even our massive (and completely difficult to furnish) livingroom. Which is what I need in a candle as I don’t really want to be hovering over it getting a burnt chin whenever I want a fresh waft. Valentte candles are created with natural soy wax and essential oils. Lime and grapefruit are both mood-boosting scents.

Lemongrass & Rosemary Diffuser

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a diffuser. People keep giving me diffusers, and both I and our dog-stink filled house are grateful for this. Keep em coming. This one has taken pride of place on our mantelpiece as a constant reminder that 1. I need to write this damn blog and 2. Essential oils don’t just smell good but they make you feel good too. Aromatherapy + citrusy fresh scents + sleek design = happy chappy.

Mandarin & Grapefruit Body Scrub

All of the Valentte body scrubs contain essential oils which separate when left sitting. This is because the company is strictly against using extra chemicals in the products to make them look “better.” We like their dedication to all things natural. Unfortunately, I had a wee silly moment with this. I couldn’t wait till I got home to open up the scrub and have a wee sniff, that I opened it at the Royal Highland Show (smells amazing btw). However, I didn’t shut the lid properly and when we got home from the show, my handbag had a new coating of essential oil. The bag smelt great but did have a slightly “I just dropped my chippy in here” feel and because the oils had spilt, I ended up with mostly salts and very little oil. Don’t cry for me.

Handy Man

Himself used the scrub on his hands (which are mega rough/dry skin/death) and it did wonders for him. Unfortunately, he has never been consistent with any kind of skincare but I leave the tub by the sink in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, he will do himself a favour and scrub.

You can check out the full range of Valentte London’s Natural Skincare and Home Fragrance products here.


Our Valentte products were gifted, but as always all opinions are our own, and citrusy.





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