Visiting Ireland After Brexit? What To Consider

The UK is now officially out of the EU, and this comes with many implications, especially when it comes to the movement of people and merchandise. If you were planning a trip to Southen Ireland, you might be asking yourself if there are new restrictions. In this article, we’re going to look at what Brexit means for UK travellers going to Ireland. We’re also going to lay out some of the documentation that you may need for an easy and safe trip.

Will Anything Change for UK Citizens?

In one word, no. The UK and Ireland already have an agreement that allows for the free movement of citizens between both countries. Under the CTA (Common Travel Area), UK and Irish citizens can not only visit each other’s country without any special documentation, but they can also reside, work, and have all sorts of different benefits like access to healthcare services, education, and even the right to vote depending on the election.

The Common Travel Area predates EU Membership

What’s important to know is that this agreement was struck between the two nations before any of them joined the EU. This means that the UK leaving the EU has no effect on the agreement. Also, both governments decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to reaffirm their commitment to the agreement. They released a joint statement reflecting their sentiment.

Do You Need a Passport or Visa to Travel in Ireland?

No, UK citizens do not need a passport or visa to visit Ireland. These rights are again guaranteed by the CTA. However, if you decide to travel to the EU at some point, you will have to make the provisions necessary.

You’ll still need to look for European travel insurance. Services like Staysure offer travel insurance packages that will cover things like medical emergencies, cash lost or stolen, and cancellations. More importantly, all of their plans come with COVID-19 cover. You will also get insurance for things like lost baggage or legal representation.

Driving in Ireland

If you want to drive to your destination or rent a vehicle while there, there are some things you have to know. First, you can drive in Ireland using your UK driving licence. The only exception is if you decide to reside in Ireland. In this case, you will need to exchange your UK driving licence for an Irish one.

Traveling with Pets

There are also a few things that you know if you intend to travel to Ireland with pets. Know that rules for pet travel will stay unchanged for Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the EU. What that means is that you’ll need to get a pet passport for your pet if you want to enter with them. If you intend to go back and forth between Ireland and the UK, you also have to make sure that you visit your vet and check your pet has had all the vaccines and you have the right documents, such as a pet passport. Speak to your vet if you are not sure what is required, they should be able to advise you. if your dog has been microchipped, as is now required by law, make sure the address on the microchip database is up to date.

In many ways, traveling to Ireland from the UK should remain the same, which is an excellent reason to make Ireland your destination of choice this year. It is still sensible to know what to expect if it’s your first time visiting, so follow the above tips and do some research if you have any further questions.

Contributing Author

Contributing Author