Wake Skincare Pink Face Mask and Eye Gel Review2 min read

How do you like your AYE’s in the morning?

I like mine open… Well, I do now. I used to hate mornings. Mornings were completely impossible. Morning people were complete aliens. But I’ve made a HUGE change in my aye life this year. 2020 is my year of the morning person. Who knows what happened? I still don’t! I have become a fully-fledged morning person. 6am alarms when you work for yourself are RARE. But I’m doing it. I used to be the world’s worst sleeper but I have become religious with routine. Routine bloody rocks. Every morning before I pop out for my morning walk with big Snoop dog, I wash my face. I know right? Basic hygiene Victoria, c’mon. But I never used to wash my face in the morning. But now I do and I use Wake Skincare.

Welcome to The New Age

And lawwwwwd have things changed? Work, my health, my fitness, Snoop dog’s attitude. I can’t vouch enough for mornings, they are life. So when Wake Skincare got in touch to send me a few bits, I was like “hell yeah, it’s called WAKE SKINCARE. And I am A-to-the-WAKE.” And do you know what’s amazing about getting up early? More hours in the day! I have never accomplished so much in my life. I mean look at me, I’m a boss. LOL MODESTY ANYONE?

Wake Skincare

I was sent the Detox Pink Clay Mask and the Hydrating Eye Gel. The mask claims to help with acne by unblocking pores with clay. The eye gel is the boss of puffy eyes. Considering I am a walking-talking pore machine with handbag eyeballs, I was kind of the target market. And the verdict is…

The face mask retails at £22.95. And I am obsessed. Such a lovely face mask. Very high quality in texture and appearance. Not overpowering in the slightest and perfect for tired skin. Took it along with me to a recent Aberdeen staycation at the Citi Hotel (travels well) and had a fab bubble bath with my wee Wake mask. Love it!As for the eye gel? Every morning before I face those morning people, I pop on a wee bit of Wake Skincare Eye Gel and honestly, I’m lovin’ it. I feel brighter and more confident passing by other early risers (I’m even starting to fit in with them LOL). Lovely bottle, travels well, very light and well… wakening. Recommend! Shop cruelty-free skincare here.

**My Wake Skincare products were gifted (I know right, lucky duck) but as always, all opinions are MINE. You can’t have them soz.**



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