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Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh: It’s a Wonderful Aye Life

Have you ever watched Anastasia? Not the singer, but the film? Well, I love it. I’ve loved it ever since I was a wee lass. There’s a scene in the film where Anastasia dances in a beautiful ballroom in her daydreams. She is surrounded by floaty, transparent ballroom dancers, in sparkling ballgowns. The scene is mesmerising. It takes me to another time. A grand old time. And that’s what happened to me when I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, I was taken to a grand old time.Waldorf Astoria UmbrellaWhen we arrived at The Caledonian (as it’s otherwise known), it was chucking puppies. You know? Typical Scottish weather. Scottish weather I was not dressed for. I was dressed like a quintessential tartan mannequin. Fresh out of Edinburgh Woolen Mill. Because if you can’t wear tartan in Edinburgh, when can you wear tartan?

The concierge was a gem, quickly fetching me a Waldorf-adorned brolly. Which I proceeded to twirl around in the rain, like the undercover Gene Kelly I am. I’d have stayed outside in the rain you know. I’d have stayed outside under my huge brolly, humming in my head and admiring the hotels grand exterior. Edinburgh’s architecture is a dream.

You’re Welcome

From the moment I shook off my brolly and stepped into the stunning reception area, I knew this was going to be lovely. The receptionist was a darling. She wasn’t just “hotel receptionist friendly,” she was really excited. She was excited for us to see our room, she was excited for us to have afternoon tea. Honestly, she was that lovely, I could have popped her into my bag and taken her on aye-ventures. Such a friendly face. The best kinda welcome.

Castle Views and Rested Cues

We were booked into a King Premier Room with Castle Views (room 226 if you fancy it). It was perfection. We were welcomed into our (huge) room with hand-crafted chocolates and a lovely bottle of bubbly. As if this wasn’t enough, the goodies were placed strategically on the table next to the lounge chairs with the unbelievable Edinburgh Castle view. Every single one of my plans went out of the window at that exact moment. A champagne afternoon with castle views? Aye, okay then.We couldn’t set to champagne and castles straight away as we had plans for a pink afternoon tea in Peacock Alley. Now, more than ever, a staycation is about relaxing and making the most of your hotel stay. Especially in a hotel as pretty as the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh. Which is exactly why we never left the hotel from the moment we arrived. If we weren’t in our room, we were feasting in Peacock Alley. If we weren’t eating adorable little pink nibbles in Peacock Alley, we were popping bubbly and admiring our castle view. When we weren’t doing that, we were having long bubble baths and ordering classic cocktails.

Sleeping Beauty

Our bed was crazy comfy. Like, “you can leave without me” comfy. The sheets were so often, the mattress was a sinking feeling and the pillows were pure fluff. We ordered late-night cocktails to our bed. There was another little box of hand-crafted chocolates by the bed and just when I thought I had reached my sweet-peak, along came a lass with further Waldorf-inspired chocolates. Our drive back to Aberdeenshire the next day was filled with leftover pastries, cakes and chocolates. Nightmare huh?

Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh

The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh took me to another time. I sat four hours enjoying the amazing castle view, I listened to the Chicago soundtrack and the best of Andrew-Lloyd-Webber (and the Mary Poppins soundtrack but when am I not listening to Mary Poppins soundtrack?!) I wanted to live in the past with the likes of Laurel and Hardy, Gene Kelly and Gene Kelly. All of whom have visited the hotel. The Waldorf is one of my all-time favourite hotels in Scotland. I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve even had a nosy at the Wedding brochure. Who knows? There may be an Aye do on the cards!A huge thank you to all of the lovely staff at the Waldorf. We had the most wonderful time.



The Chief.

This article contains sponsored/gifted content.