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Welsh Otter: Wood, Weave and Welsh Craft

Home is in the Heritage

We received some really special love from Wales recently. As some of you may already know, we’ve been focussing on nout but home decor during the mass lockdown of 2020. Keeping distracted and busy has helped us get through this strange time for sure. We came across Welsh Otter whilst on the hunt for small businesses with big craft talent. Welsh Otter showcase the very best of Welsh design and craft and as a heritage in the home enthusiast, I fell hard.

The business started in 2017 when founder Kim was restoring her 1800’s farmhouse. She wanted to style it in a way that was sympathetic to Welsh tradition. On her hunt for the perfect home, she came across a whole Welsh world of talent and creativity. This led her on to creating Welsh Otter, a shop for brilliant Welsh heritage pieces.

You Otter Believe It

It wouldn’t be The Aye Life without a well-placed pun now, would it? When we initially spoke with Kim, she suggested tieing a little bit of Scotland into a lot of love from Wales and my wee heart skipped several beats. I just love that we could come together in a creative collaboration which showcases the best of both nations. When hand-crafting our Welsh Otter “Llinos” stool, the team at Welsh Otter created a top pad in a gorgeous green Harris Tweed. This ties into the whole theme of our home wonderfully, as we focus on bringing the outdoors in.

The Wood and Weave Collection

The Wood and Weave collection comes as Welsh Otter collaborates with Daniel Harrison Furniture, another Welsh crafter. We love collaboration! It’s our motto. Talented and creative small businesses working together to create big statements.

This heritage company is all about locality and sustainability. The wood used for our stool comes from trees which had to come down due to wind damage or to make way for new infrastructure. We even received a message with our stool to let us know where the tree came from. I love that! It’s such a personal touch.

The only issue comes as I have no idea where to place our new addition. Our whole home is becoming increasingly green, which I love as it is very outdoorsy. A little like our Stewart Muted Tartan Blanket from the Tartan Blanket Co, the Llinos footstool matches every room. Would you agree that it’s totally acceptable to fill our home with handcrafted timber and tartan? I think so. Coorie. Coorie everywhere. 


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This article contains sponsored/gifted content.