West Candle Company: Luxury Hebridean Scents

Go West

Forgive me for I have sinned for once again I have fallen in love. I’m birthing massive passion for West Candle Company and their charming Hebridean Candle Collection. I’d been waiting a good few days to put together this post because the weather in the North East has left nothing to be desired. Every day I’d wake up in the morning, check the weather like a kid checks the time on Christmas morning and every morning, rain. But alas, the sun eventually shined down on Cruden Bay and I was soon out with Snoop dog happy snapping these ornamental candles.

Haste Ye Back

We had a lovely Scottish welcome waiting for us when we got home from our recent trip to Spain. It was of course raining and flip-flops all of a sudden seemed criminal unless we wanted “weet feet” as the charming Doric do say. But we had received a lovely package from West Candle Company which reminded us of some of the reasons why we love our Scottish home.

These 3 Luxury Herbridean Scents are all handmade in Scotland. They represent the rich, refreshing and lush landscape that we are so lucky to enjoy in this country. We love the wild and wonderful Hebrides and their exquisite landscapes. West has wrapped all of this and put it in the most stylish of ceramic jars.


They smell insane (insane means good). If you walk through our house right now (with your eyes closed, the place is a tip), it wouldn’t be completely dissimilar to hiking through the Scottish hills (without the effort obv).

With pine cone, fig and sandalwood, ‘Beinn’ represents the mountains. This lovely fresh scent is currently uplifting our kitchen (if our kitchen was a male tree, I’d climb him).

‘Machair’ is burning beautifully by our window in our front room where I’m currently sitting with my feet up enjoying the sea view (and the obligatory crossing of the Northlink ferry). ‘Machair’ has notes of sea breeze, citrus and seaweed. Which is just gorgeous when we are lucky enough to live on the coast.

But ‘Bothy?’ Well, ‘Bothy’ is getting kept for a wild, stormy and dreich day when the North Sea winds are battering the front of our hoose like a Peterhead haddock. Because ‘Bothy’ has notes of wood smoke, whisky and oak and smells like crackling firewood crossed over with a smokey dram of Glenturret.

West Candle Company

‘Beinn’ is my favourite, this is the most time I’ve spent in the kitchen in years. ‘Bothy’ is the perfect scent if you’re looking for the true Scottish “feel.” Guess it’s now time for me to pour myself a dram, it’s hard work being this fabulous.

If you want your very own luxurious Hebridean candle in a gorgeous ceramic jar (for after-crafting), you can pick one up on the West Candle Co website. Use the code “west201910” at the checkout for 10% off your purchase.



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