What is Kombucha? No.1 Kombucha Review2 min read

Please Mr Postman

We get boxes delivered to the house and I have literally no idea what’s inside them. Luckily Victoria’s in control of the madness that is our lives and usually guesses before I scramble for a Stanley knife to open them up. This week we got a box full of cool bags filled with bubble wrap. Inside, there were 3 bottles of what looked like posh beer. Even luckier for my gut, the bottles actually contained a weird and wonderful elixir called Kombucha by No.1 Kombucha, Jonny Wilkinsons hot new health brand.

So what the hell is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea created with live bacteria cultures. Because it’s fermented, it’s ever so slightly alcoholic, in the same way that hand sanitiser is if you drink 4 gallons of it. The live bacteria takes the form of prebiotics and probiotics. These friendly bacteria are your guts best pals, as they boost your immune system and aid in digestion.

No.1 Kombucha is a brand conceived by England’s favourite oblong booter, Jonny Wilkinson. We sampled No1 Kombucha bottles of Passion Fruit with Goji Berry and Ginger with Turmeric. The Passionfruit flavour tasted weirdly like a sparkling wine, whilst the Ginger and Turmeric gave me ginger beer vibes. These drinks might be the perfect gateway to jumping on the kombucha train; I can’t imagine the unflavoured base kombucha would taste quite as pleasant as these jazzed up varieties. Passionfruit and Goji Berry was the all-rounder favourite at Aye HQ. We haven’t yet tried the raspberry, pomegranate and hibiscus but are hoping for good things.

No1. Kombucha: Good for bellies, good for the earth

No.1 Kombucha use bottles which have been made from recycled amber glass, whilst the labels are as eco-friendly as they can be. The health-conscious brand is “Working to leave no trace on the world”, and that’s a good thing in a world of plastic seas and chemical showers.

Each bottle is under 50 calories, so it’s as good on the outside as it is on the inside. Get it today from Sainsbury’s.





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